As many of you might have already heard, Eric Miranda passed away today. We have lost a great musician, brother, friend, and generous soul. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family, and all the fans whom he loved very much. We will miss you’.

-ILF: James/Pete/Andres/Dennis

Yesterday this brief blunt message on the band’s Facebook page struck the fans like a thunderbolt. The Bay Area-based darkwave/post punk four-piece had played an awesome gig few days before the incident at Oakland Pandemonium with nothing to suggest such a tragedy.

In Letter Form had just released their highly critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Fracture. Repair. Repeat’ and were going to start their first East Coast tour fresh from signing a contract with Metropolis Records .

Eric Miranda, singer/guitarist/keyboardist and even math teacher, was initially inspired in his teens by the charismatic and unique vocals of Ian Curtis and Robert Smith, but over the time he was able to develop and forge his own signature, a hypnotic singing style.

Eric’s lyrics honestly deal with the naked and harsh essence of human life, the dark and the light, and were centred around a sense of loss:  loss of innocence, love, hope, joy, friendship, relationship and tragically… life.

His songwriting abilities, while fearless stating his late ‘70s/early ‘80s influences by the usual suspects (Echo & The Bunnymen, Bauhaus, Joy Division), have the hot-tempered immediacity and brilliance, in close connection with a wise attention to detail (especially in the production work), to overcome the skepticism of the most reticent listener.

We are sentimental about the way we go about writing songs and performing them,” said Miranda and continued,  “We want listeners to hear a close approximation of our truth.”

Eric Miranda was a uniquly talented musician at the peak of his art. But unfortunately the Grim Reaper was waiting for him. His songs will be fondly treasured in the heart of every post-punker in the years to come.

Fabrizio Lusso