Analise Hausmann is a Vermont based ambient artist who is set to release ‘seminary’, the composer’s sophomore EP, following this year’s debut work ‘House Centipedes’. The collection of 6 tracks is filled with relaxing and occasionally otherworldly tunes that intersplice field recordings taken by Hausmann on location in her college-town – bird song, cars drifting past, and crunching snow among other examples, mixed with the drone artist’s violin and synth abilities.

cars’ begins ‘seminary’ with a soothing bang, a track one could meditate to as well as imagining providing backing for a thriller film in the first few minutes as a mystical warning prior to anything particularly suspenseful occuring. The echoing hum married with the occasional angsty chords give us something to settle into prior to ‘tuning’. An emotional and unnerving track, ‘tuning’s violin is spritely, dark with a light-hearted nature. However the tone settles with ‘come on, I’ll catch you’, the EP’s lead single. The track is as fluid as the melting ice recording it holds, bending to the whims of danger and excitement before returning to the comfort and stability within. Much of the EP is effortless listening, and due to its multifaceted dualities could be suited for most any mood, environment, or time of day.

Be sure to listen to ‘seminary’ out since March 14th.

Sarah Medeiros