After years of Indie Rock with the German band Jovernanté, lead singer Christian Stezycki decided to start his solo project Carnival Kid. With his first 6 track EP “All The Easy Places” he offers an insight into the mind of a man in his mid thirties who tries to come to terms with his role as a working adult/father/responsible person/husband while still being an artist. In these six songs that range between powerful alternative rock and intimate acoustic singer/songwriter music, he expresses a variety of thoughts and feelings – from being overworked (BLACKOUT AT THE KINDERGARTEN), trying to live with depression (MAGIC TRICK) to desire  and temptation (7SINS / WHAT KEEPS US GOING). Throughout the whole record the influence of 2000s indie – with it’s clear song structure and powerful choruses – is always present and functions as the backbone of Christian‘s writing style. ALL THE EASY PLACES is a strong and multifaceted foretaste of Carnival Kid‘s potential.