Isle Of Wight Festival 2016

Woke up this morning and read the devastating news about Alabama 3’s founding member Jake Black:

Early this afternoon, on a beautiful summer’s day, our friend, comrade and spiritual teacher, Jake Black AKA The Very Reverend D.Wayne Love, passed over to the higher ground. After a magnificent performance at the Highpoint Festival in Lancashire, D.Wayne in his supreme wisdom, decided it was the appropriate moment for his ascencion into the next level.

The transition was painless and peaceful. He was surrounded by brothers Larry Love, L.B. Dope, The Spirit, Jonny Jamm and Sister Therese Mullan.

We are heartbroken.

All that remains for us, at this moment, is to carry out his precise instructions regarding the continuation of his teachings as a First Minister of The Presleyterian Church of Elvis The Divine, and continue The Great Work.

His last words, which we have yet to decipher, were “Tweet Tweet, Possil Fleet”.”

Integral part of the British electronic/blues/folk/world band Black was one of the co-writers for “The Sopranos” theme, ‘Woke Up This Morning‘. Being active since mid 90s Alabama 3 have recorded numerous albums in unparalleled style (only The Wolfgang Press could compete with them), while their most recent gig was last Friday, May 17, at Highest Point Festival in Lancashire.

Christos Doukakis