AGGRASOPPAR‘s latest EP, ‘MIDNÁTTARSANG‘, released via TUTL Records, defies expectations and showcases the unique creativity emanating from the Faroe Islands. Comprised of Dania O. Tausen, Eyðfinn Bogason Lamhauge and Trygvi Danielsen, AGGRASOPPAR burst onto the scene with their experimental rap-punk sound, challenging the norms of both genres.

The EP opens with ‘75 KM/T‘, blending mysterious trip-hop with spoken word/rap, setting an enigmatic tone for what’s to come. The 63-second whirlwind of experimental punk rap noise rock, ‘PEANUTBUTTER & BANAN‘, follows suit, leaving a lasting impact with its unapologetic energy. ‘SOLEIÐIS LJÓÐAR TAБ stands out with its imposing baritone rapping and twisted vibes, drawing listeners into its hypnotic rhythm. Meanwhile, ‘TEKIN UPPÁ LÍV‘ captivates with its double rapping male/female dynamic, showcasing AGGRASOPPAR’s versatility and ability to keep listeners on their toes. Closing the EP with a poignant touch, ‘EINASTA VAKTIN‘ emerges as a “drunk” National hymn, weaving its way through the listener’s emotions with raw authenticity

Throughout the EP, AGGRASOPPAR refuses to adhere to genre boundaries, instead opting for a bold and addictive experimentation. Each track presents a unique sonic landscape, filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep listeners engaged from start to finish. ‘MIDNÁTTARSANG‘ is a testament to AGGRASOPPAR’s fearless approach to music-making, pushing the boundaries of rap and punk while delivering an irresistibly addictive listening experience.

For those seeking something fresh and unpredictable, this EP is a must-listen.

Christos Doukakis