From the darkest corner of the abyss this list includes ten black and death metal tracks by:

New Hell (blackened death metal/punk), Single, Decidous Records

Verwilderd (atmospheric black metal), album ‘Homo Homini Lupus Est’, Self-released

Labored Breath (progressive black metal), album ‘Dyspnea’, Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Portal (black metal/avant-garde death metal), album ‘Avow’, Profound Lore Records

Disparaître (atmospheric black metal), album ‘Urchig’, Naturmacht Productions


Darkthrone (primitive black metal), album ‘Eternal Hails……’, Peaceville Records

Cradle of Filth (majestic black metal), from upcoming album ‘Existence Is Futile’, Nuclear Blast

Burial In The Sky (progressive death metal), album ‘The Consumed Self’, Rising Nemesis Records

Extreme Violence (brutal death metal), album ‘Extreme Violence’, Self-released

Skinless (death metal), upcoming album ‘Gut Pumping Hits “The Demos”‘, Burning Dogma Records / Corpse Gristle Records

by Christos Doukakis