From the darkest corner of the abyss this list includes ten black and death metal tracks by:

Totaled (black metal/hardcore), album  ‘Lament’, Profound Lore Records

Omenfilth (black metal), album ‘Devourer of the Seven Moons’, Eternal Death

Crematory Stench (blackened death metal), album ‘Grotesque Deformities’, Blood Harvest

Aara (atmospheric black metal), album ‘So fallen alle Tempel’, Naturmacht Productions

Soulrot (death metal), album ‘All Hail the False Kings’, Veins Full of Wrath Prods


Hurakan (brutal death metal/grindcore), album ‘Abomination Of Aurokos’, Vomit Your Shirt

Obscuring Veil (avant-garde black metal), album ‘Fleshvoid To Naught’, I, Voidhanger Records

Scourge Lair (death metal), album ‘One Hundred Eyes One Hundred Arms’, self-released

DEIPHAGO (black/death metal), album ‘I, The Devil’, Hells Headbangers

No Raza (death metal), album ‘When Chaos Reigns’, Fuck This Shit Records

by Christos Doukakis & Mary Kalaitzidou