WRONGPAD & Kapelomusic present one of the ambient, idm, industrial, electronica events of 2017, with 5 unique idm/ambient/electronica acts at MODU, on Saturday, November 18th. Now this is a good coincidence to have a brief chat with WRONGPAD…

Please tell us how and why did WRONGPAD emerge?

First of all, we are friends, fellow musicians, electronic music listeners and somehow we met up when, more than 10 years ago, we tried to form a new generation of electronic music. Not only us. Many talented producers were involved in small gigs and in the effort to show a new aspect in many styles of electronic music. But in the end everyone was trying by himself. After so many years we realized that the scene is fading out, and we have to do something to bring musicians together, doing random shows and calling artists to participate.  We didn’t want to be the center of it, but a chance for both listeners and artists to have frequent participation in electronic music events, mainly in the IDM and relevant genres. IDM is a style that never dies. It dies when we let it. Well, we don’t.

Up to today the event taking place at MODU, on 18th November, is your biggest one yet (with Kapelomusic)! Correct? Would you like to enlighten Last Day Deaf readers with some info regarding the line-up, event programme, etc?

Yes. Regarding the size of the line up, the importance of the artists and the venue, it is the biggest with the great help of Kapelomusic.

We decided to present Stendeck in Athens because he is a great musician having a versatile approach in the electronic genre. Synthesizers, physical instruments and many different moods. It is something that will satisfy many listeners of different electronic music styles.

Poordream is a fellow musician and a part of the Tympanic Audio roster also. He is a great composer and we thought that Stendeck and Poordream, will be a killer combination.

Mytrip comes from Bulgaria, with impressive ambient music for us to listen to. He is also a part of a DIY collective named Amek. Something like WRONGPAD.

Conjecture will present some tracks his new EP ‘My body, Your Temple‘, released by RAUMKLANG MUSIC and Amek, consisting of a dark ambient performance, played with synthesizers and metal objects and also tracks from his previous album ‘Urbanitarianism‘.

Cryintro will also present his new, previously unreleased, music of clicks, cuts, nervous breaks and IDMish sounds in general.

We will have Dimitris Sakkas in charge of the live visuals performance that will feature the musicians.

Which are the main difficulties of a today’s event organizer?

It is mainly the risk of presenting something rare to the audience. Something like that, may lead to a not so great attendance.

What does electronic music for WRONGPAD? Do you think that there is an evolution over the last years, or things are a bit static? Please discuss…

Electronic music is our life. It is culture and a way of seeing things. WRONGPAD is made after a great love  for this culture. Evolution means more people involved in this. And Greece has a great number of electronic music composers that try the same thing that WRONGPAD wants to achieve. The neverending existence of the electronic music culture. Of course we see that things are getting better when you have something essential to offer. You can’t feed people always with junk food. Eventually your body will protest. We are here to provide well cooked electronic music.

What holds the future for WRONGPAD?

We will manage to bring more of the European electronic music to Greece. And of course stronger bonds with domestic and foreign labels.


Christos Doukakis


WRONGPAD:       https://www.facebook.com/wrongpad/

Stendeck:              http://www.stendeck.com

Poordream:          http://www.johnvalasis.com

Mytrip:                   https://mytrip.bandcamp.com

Conjecture:          http://vasilisangelopoulos.com

Cryintro:                http://soundcloud.com/cryintro

Dimitris Sakkas: http://dimitrissakkas.com