This Sunday, 11th March, will be a very unique night, since The Deep Sleep event takes place at Six d.o.g.s.: Cloud rap! Yep, but let’s read what the organizer of the event told Last Day Deaf about this one…

Introductory one. Tell us details about the event: What is the name of the event, its participants and how did it all start?

The Deep Sleep” was a brilliant idea by one of my best friends , also a producer, Vasilis aka KiDB. The idea was talking about a crew that each member were connected by experimental, wavy electronic sounds, same taste in music and clothes, same aesthetics. It talks about a deep dream. Vibes that are mostly sad, nostalgic and sometimes are just happy.”Deep sleep” was just an idea, but this Sunday (11/3) at Six d.o.g.s. is our first meet up-live session that will help us turn that wonderful idea into reality.

How did you end up with this line-up?

This line-up was my idea. All acts and dj sets are young people with common taste in music. We create same stuff and we’re all into same ideas and styles such as melodic autotune tunes and lyrics. Also, you will receive real emotions and vibes from us.. Generally, I love giving 100% of strong character in whatever I do and so does my crew.

Is there a motto for the event?

The deep sleep within the deep dream”.

Are there any other events/festivals you admire and influence to do your own?

My inspiration in music and art are influenced by artists like Arca, Yung Lean from Sad Boys, Clams Casino (producer) and DJ Heroine. They give me strong stage appearance and of course great sound quality in their live performances. So young so successful, already. The feelings I’m getting by them leave me speechless. As speechless as I’m walking down to a mesmerizing art exhibition. In our event “The Deep Sleep”, we will try our best to give our people – guests such feelings as those people do. We’re expecting to see people that love cloud sounds as much as we do.

Future plans?

This event will be the start of a trilogy that I have in my mind. “The Deep Sleep”, “Deeper Sleep” and the “Deepest Sleep”. I want all types of people. Not only rappers but generally artists. People who understand and create beautiful pictures in their minds when the listen to our tunes. I want to give and receive inspiration. For now I’m waiting all of you this Sunday at Six d.o.g.s..

Christos Doukakis