Nepal Deathfest is one of the best respected extreme metal festivals in South Asia. Since, Last Day Deaf is one of the Media Partners for its 5th edition, we approached Vishal Vof to provide some information about the event! 

How did Nepal Deathfest start and was the main initiative behind this extreme metal Fest?

Actually, the brainchild behind this fest was Zivon Gurung the founder of Brutal Pokhara. When we first met and talked, we realized that we both had the same level of passion and energy towards this extreme genre. So, we decided to bring extreme bands from different parts of the world to celebrate these glorious genres under one roof. Also, through this fest we get the chance to communicate with different people across the world and we share more than music in Nepal Deathfest.

What about the 5th edition of Nepal Deathfest. Give us some basic info about the participating bands and the line-up in general….

One of my fave band Nader Sadek is playing in this edition, also there is Clitgore – the first goregrind band to ever play in Nepal. Also, Ancestor from China is coming too and this is breathtaking news, Onanizer from Czech Republic and our supreme death metal father UgraKarma is there too. Severe Dementia, one of the oldest death metal bands from South Asia is in too. And there are tons of local bands. And my band Wakk Thuu is returning in this edition after 3 years of gap. Breeding Machine and XrepeatX from India are in too.

Would you like to talk about the Nepalese extreme metal scene? Some bands/artists we should take notice of?

Extreme metal in Nepal is growing and has a quite beautiful scene too. Check out bands like UgraKarma, Binaash, Nude Terror, Dying Out Flame, Disorder, Aakrosh and more.

How difficult is it to organize such an event in Nepal?

It’s difficult, but I’m used to with this. So, no more complaints he he.

Which other fests (metal or even non-metal) have you been inspired of?

Obscene Extreme Festival, Mountain Deathfest and Maryland Deathfest.

How would you like this Deathfest to evolve in the future?

I just want to see Obituary headlining any edition of Nepal Deathfest.

Christos Doukakis