This was a really tough thing to write because musically I think we all really have varying tastes that kind of came together in a melting pot to fuse our sounds but we’ll give it a go! Sonically we had a pretty good idea of the vibe we wanted so we will go based off of the overall sound vs lyric context and theme.

Weezer – Blue Album – This is a record that I think we can all universally agree on in terms of influencing our overall sound. It is also a record that we grew up with and am sure we’ve all listened to 100 times front to back. Just the overall vibe to this record has really stuck with us and the kind of looseness and loudness to it is something we really aimed to replicate. Also the blend of just good hard rock with pop sensibilities is something we tried to do on Juno, specifically the buildup of the outro and how the song progresses towards a big ending is something Weezer did a lot on this record too. Guitar wise we also wanted that nice gritty and fat tone that Rivers has on this record and pretty much any Weezer record.

Cage the Elephant – Melophobia – this is another record I think we can all say has influenced us individually to some degree. Overall the record has a pretty sprawling sound but the melodies on this one are gold and something we really tried to master on Juno as well. Cage the Elephant also have a nice blend of acoustic/electric on this record that flows flawlessly. Its also a very timeless release that would fit in to almost any decade you throw it at.

Pixies – Doolittle – a classic. What can I really say about this one. I think no one has shaped modern rock more. The easy on the ears hooks, simple but super catchy basslines, amazing lyrics and feel, there is just nothing wrong with this album.

Wavves – King of the Beach – Wavves sound on this album is hard to pinpoint other than just hazy, reverb heavy, low-fi surf rock. Juno doesn’t fall strictly into the surf rock category but it is definitely something that we had in the back of our minds in terms of just giving it an ethereal, summer vibe to it. I think just that slacker, summer mentality with deeper meaning under the surface is something we really wanted to connect with

Waax – Big Grief – This is actually the record that I think influenced us the most sonically. Waax released this awesome modern/90’s style of just pure, unfiltered rock and that is exactly what we wanted to create. The production on this one is fantastic and its got a big in your face sound. Big drums, crunchy riffs, basically exactly what we were envisioning.