After revealing Tuesday that shoegaze pioneers, Ride, will be returning with a new album this summer via Wichita Recordings, they have released yet another song merely 24 hours after giving us our first taster of new music in 20 years with ‘Charm Assault.

Their second release ‘Home Is A Feeling‘ clocks in at just over three minutes. It’s everything you’d expect from old-school Ride, less of a departure than ‘Charm Assault‘ is from their last work ‘Tarantula‘, but yet still fresh and original. Andy Bell, lead singer of the band, compares the track to “1966 Beatles” meeting “1988 MBV”, while guitarist Mark Gardener likens it to “returning home as dawn rises totally exhausted and spangled after a long ..long …big, great night out”. And it’s exactly that, soothing, relaxing, and also somewhat refreshing.

Sarah Medeiros