11. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour. Literally, this is a perfect record. The production is incredible, the songs are simple, beautiful and ring with such genuine emotion for a major pop star. When we toured Europe in 2019 we listened to this record everyday for 3 weeks. It’s a band favourite and it should be everyone’s favourite. 

10. Braids – Deep in the Iris Braids is the perfect child of trip hop artists like Björk and Portisthead. Some really amazing sounds on this records, plus the lyrics are so scensere, and that’s rare to find these days, i find listening to this record extremely humanizing and it accomplishes that rare goal of allowing me to transcend and be in the world of the record when I listen to it. 

9. Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas What can I say about this record that hasn’t been said already. This is peak 4AD and truly the greatest record of the ’90s without a doubt in my mind and it came out in 1990. I am never not in the mood to listen to this record, it’s also one of the rare things that my friends and I, who all have very different tastes can agree on. 

8. Kim Gordon – No Home Record For this to be Kim’s debut solo album after being a musician for 40 years is incredible, the woman is almost 70 people! This record really combines the jagged no wave guitars of early Sonic Youth with Kim’s love for hip hop to make this weird blown out distorted beat driven, arty record. I feel this record is it’s own thing, and easily blows all the other post SY projects out of the water. 

7. Lumpy and the Dumpers – Huff my Sack Lo-fi eggy bullshit hardcore record that is a pure masterpiece. Shits on everything you thought was sacred and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The songs are catchy, the riffs are dank and Lumpy is truly a punk who doesn’t give a fuck about you or what you think about his band and this record totally encompasses that. 

6. Prince – Dirty Mind Probably the best 30 minute record of all time. This is right before it all blew up for Prince and you can tell because this record is literally 8 hits in a row. Plus the record is all him, he literally plays every note on this record except for a synth solo. The super thin twang of the guitars, the laidback pillowy sounding drums to Prince’s freaky kinky lyrics. It’s perfect. 

5. Frankie Cosmos – Zentropy  As soon as I heard the first single off this record I walked to the record store right by my old apartment and ordered it. This is one of the most charming records I’ve ever heard. Pure innosense coming out of my speaker when I listen to this and it’s just so beautiful. The ending melody on “Leonie” is heartbreaking and gets me everytime, makes me feel like a teenager in love for the first time again. 

4. Converge – You Fail Me Redux Converge is a massive influence on tunic. The brute strength, the fact that it’s just relentlessly punishing you is something that I love and really admire to do with tunic. This record is perfect, the redux of course, not the original. “Drop Out” will get me stoked everytime, that guitar and vocal break is a work of art. 

3. Daughters – Hell Songs No other record sounds like this. You think that You Fail Me was punishing, well shit, give Hell Songs a listen and then you’ll really know what musical punishment is. This record sounds like your brain burning from the inside and it’s such an incredible fuck you “noise rock” in this bands unreal career. I can’t believe humans made this. 

2. Gnod – Just Say No to the Right-Wing Capitalist facist Industrial Death Machine Unrelenting, spacy, krauty noise punk. To me this record is a statement, both with it’s cover, which is so bold, there is no way of  not understanding the message, but also with the songs. The songs are all pretty much one riff played for 8 minutes, but it’s played with so much power and command that it’s never boring. Gnod is a band truly in their own world and I love them for that. 

1. Landowner – Blatant Dan Shaw, who is Landowner has been a friend of mine for years, we’ve played shows together in three different states. He is a brilliant songwriter, extremely tasteful at writing these neverending looping riffs. But the real key to Landowner is Dan’s lyrics. He rips apart the physical world we live in criticizing the scene, modern architecture, suburban sprawl, grad students and old white men. This record is an education.  

Music: https://soundcloud.com/tunictunic/invalid

Photo credit: Adam Kelly