The Strokes

The Strokes are a band that have taught us what we believe embodies the true essence of being in a rock band. Their stage presence and songwriting are two of the main takeaways that have influenced our sound and continue to inspire us with every listen. Our lead singer, Jack, credits The Strokes as his biggest inspiration in terms of songwriting whether it comes to lyrics, vocal melodies, or dual guitars that synchronize to become one. We all got a chance to see The Strokes in Vancouver on March 5th, 2020, and seeing them live for the first time cemented our inspiration and created a new found bond within our own band that we hadn’t had previously. That night at Rogers Arena confirmed without a doubt that The Strokes will forever be a major influence in Bealby Point’s history. We have also contemplated starting a petition to have NBC repost the band’s SNL performance from later that year as we have spent many late nights mesmerized by Julian’s swagger.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bealby Point have always been fans of the Chili Peppers’ unique jams. Our Bass player, Jordan, credits them as the main inspiration to his musical career. The Chili Peppers’ unmatched musicianship is what kickstarted his playing and got him thinking differently about the instrument. Throughout our journey as Bealby Point, songs like “Soul to Squeeze,” and “By the Way,” have been staples in our playlists and our jam sessions. The musical chemistry within the Chili’s is something we all appreciate and aim to integrate into our live performances. 


From playing Rock Band in our basements at elementary school sleepovers to learning the riffs and covering their songs in the same basements years later, Weezer has always been a band that we have looked to for inspiration. Their heavy, distorted guitar parts paired with Rivers’ iconic vocals floating overtop along with unique and out of the box harmonies and vocal layers is something we’ve tried to emulate within our sound. To us, Weezer is another case where they embodied the vision that we had of ourselves on stage. They aren’t flashy, they aren’t the ideal rock gods, but the subtly’s found through their lyrics and song structure have had a massive influence on the way we play and write our music.

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish is one of those bands where we heard their music and thought “Why didn’t we think of that?”. The Killers from the U.K. that lean into their rock and roll side, Catfish and the Bottlemen introduced us to a new sound that we wanted a piece of. With overlapping inspiration from The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, Catfish feels like the perfect combination of the two sounds. Their heavy lead guitar riffs and technical, precise tom rhythms all pulsing underneath Van’s crooning U.K. lad lyrics are the main aspects of the band that we fell in love with. They bring an energetic performance as well which we got to see live in Vancouver back in December of 2019. Catfish puts it all out there and have not failed to impress us with their thrilling and invigorating emotions they showcase in every record.


Our guitarist, Cayton Dewar, discovered Bahamas in 2012 thanks to Apple Music’s single of the week, which featured “Lost in the Light.” The song quickly became a personal favourite and led to his eventual super fandom. Bahamas’ influence on Bealby Point can be heard primarily through Clay’s guitar playing and groovy riff writing. Their newest release, “Sad Hunk”, has been on repeat for us throughout this pandemic and watching Afie’s personality through his comedic Instagram and YouTube videos has taught us to be authentic as we grow as artists.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

As far back as our drummer, Zack Yeager, can remember Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers have been one of his favourite bands. He brought his love for their iconic melodies to Bealby Point, and shortly after we started to cover “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. Zack was fortunate enough to see Tom Petty play live back in August, 2017, just weeks before Tom’s untimely passing. The Heartbreakers have an uncanny gift to make your toes tap and make even the shyest person sing along, something we hope to pass on to our fans.

The Lemon Twigs

Clay first saw the Lemon Twigs perform on Jimmy Fallon in 2017 and was blown away by their musical talent. Ever since, The Lemon Twigs have inspired us to rethink our approach to songwriting and have taught us to write songs with an adventurous freedom. Michael and Brian’s youth has also been something that’s fascinated our band. Being so young and having such an iconic, 70’s sound, it’s as if they were time travellers who crash landed into the modern era and said “Fuck it.” by proceeding to evolve and challenge the modern music scene with each release. Another artist on this list that we have spent many nights watching their live performances, consistently questioning why they aren’t given the credit and admiration they deserve. The Lemon Twigs have shown us the depth and diversity that is possible with the music they’ve created and is something that has greatly expanded our musical minds.

The Eagles

Zack and Clay had been jamming Eagles tunes in Clay’s basement for years before the four of us came together as a band. That influence inevitably made its way into our sound and has since become a favorite for all of us. There’s something about the Eagle’s melodies and harmonies that just can’t be beat. We’ve spent many late nights watching their live performances on an iphone, propped up against a half empty beer can, mesmerized by the talent of each band member and often wondering, “How is it even possible to sound that good?”.

Arctic Monkeys

As a band, we’ve really enjoyed diving into Arctic Monkeys lengthy discography. Hearing their sound evolve from “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not,” to their latest release “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” is an epic journey. If we had the chance to go back and experience any artists’ emergence, the young Sheffield lads debut would be our first stop. Although people often critique artists who branch out and change their sound, we appreciate the growth they’ve shown with each release. We love different elements in each of their albums which has inspired us to think outside the box and try new things in our own band. 

Peach Pit

We first heard of Peach Pit from a mutual friend who knew members of the band personally and we soon found out that the band was only a few years older than us and had actually grown up in our very own neighbourhood in North Vancouver. We couldn’t believe that it was real at first. The music felt like it was coming from a household name, a band you would hear had millions of fans and we’re touring the world every year. Now, only a few years later, Peach Pit has become exactly that and watching their success taught us that our dreams could become a reality. Peach Pit is without a doubt one of the main reasons Bealby Point exists, not just through inspiration from their songwriting and guitar riffs, but through their story, a story that we now see ourselves pursuing everyday.


It’s hard to write a list like this and not include Nirvana. There’s no doubt Nirvana has played a role in inspiring so many couch potatoes and stoners to pick up their guitars and take a crack at writing a song. Our lead singer Jack recalls many a night, cooped up in his prison cell-like university dorm room, watching Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance and relishing in the pure emotion Kurt displayed for the world to see. Multiple members of the band have read Heavier than Heaven and learnt about Nirvana’s story, and if anyone puts on a Nirvana song after a long night of jamming, it’s always met with a smile from each of us and is closely followed by a sing along where our drummer and vocalist, Zack, will proceed to shred his vocal chords. Did he warm up you ask? No. Could he not sing for a full week afterwards? Yes. Did he kill it… you decide.

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