Coarses from Cleveland is welcomed to the End Result Productions family with the release of ‘0x002‘. The tape follows ‘0x001‘ chronologically, which was released as a C38 by Altered States Tapes from Australia in April 2016.

0x001‘ saw near-equal focus given to sounds of both ambient and techno styles, and ‘0x002‘ follows to expand upon this foundation. ‘Wristlet‘ sets a bleak, uneasy tone to the tape and progresses the steady hit of a kick drum with an incorporation of delicate hi-hat patterns. ‘Wristlet (Version)‘ follows by bringing the focus towards dance-tempo experimentation. ‘PYTN God‘ is concerned more with textural shifts for the first half, but reveals a pummeling underbase of techno towards the end of the 5th minute. Finally, ‘Black Glitter‘ pays attention to careful melodic progression, resolving to a pleasing conclusion that nonetheless maintains the uneasy sounds first explored at the tape’s start.