• Earth 2019: Population 7.700.000.000 people.
  • Earth 2718: Population people (estimate).

Since the beginning of mankind, people have been doing one thing: fighting each other. In the beginning, they were fighting for survival. Later on, they fought for power.

This is still happening, and it will probably continue to happen. There is no time and place in the world where there is only peace. War is not only business; war is something (or at least it became something) more complex. It became Power, but not in the way we have known it so far.

Today’s power, is related to population. Not today’s population, but the future population.  It is also related to resources (food is at the top of the list). We are trying to colonize other planets, but we don’t know if this is possible. The only thing we know is that Earth is too small for all of us. We need to control population growth. So, those who have the power, have already made their plans. What plans are these?

I will mention first of all education, knowledge: Knowledge is power; a way to control the masses. However, as it has been stated, knowledge belongs to the elite, not the masses. We have the knowledge that we are allowed to have.

The fittest will surely survive. So what about disease?

Take cancer for instance; cancer kills so many people every day – the rich are surely better equipped to fight against it; they have money, access to better doctors, etc. In the future they will also have direct access to cures for diseases such as several types of cancer.

Of course behind every disease there are big interests (do I have to mention Pharmaceutical industries?) controlled by the “elite club”. But the point is that the elite, wants the population to be less, so they can better control, and make people work for them (something that is already happening).

Some new deadly disease in the future, could be designed to target those who have no privileges, the poor ones who have no future in an “elite club” world. This arrangement (fewer people on the planet) is something that our children will begin to see in their lives, and it will be more obvious generation after generation.

So far, all the wealth of this planet is in the hands of the “elite club”. Just wonder what is going to be our near future:

A/ will the “elite club” grow more? or

B/ will it shrink?

Does anyone believe that the “elite club” is going to look after them? I believe not!

The million-dollar question is: “What can we do about it?”

The answer is only one: LEARN, LEARN, LEARN!!

If people acquire knowledge, and if people remain people (instead of turning into money- consuming machines) then we are going to travel a path that is beyond the paths we are travelling now.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss