From the beginning of his life, man (as in human) is helpless. He needs his parents to feed him, change his diapers, teach him how to walk, teach him how to speak.

Later on, he needs his teachers to give him knowledge and, when he finishes school, he needs someone to give him a job.

And then man has a baby. Now he is feeding it, changing his diapers and so on. Later on, teachers will teach him and, after that, someone will give him a job so he can perpetuate the circle of life (at least life as we “know” it).

The irony in this process is that man’s nature is to be independent, to be free to do whatever he wishes with his life. This is a rule, the most important rule of all!

And -what a pity- this rule is a stranger to so many people! This rule is the meaning of our life, and we have made it meaningless. No one cares for their personal freedom; on the contrary, most of the people want to exercise power over their fellow humans.

Since we were babies, we have learnt to obey. We have learnt to obey our parents, do what our parents told us, or even like what parents told us we should like.

So, with a start like that, it is very difficult to wake up one day and change our life, change our beliefs.

It is not only our parents, but society as a whole that is made in a way that makes us a puppet. We have to eat, so we must pay for our food, but we must have a job to do that. It is a system that we do not like. Yet we have created it! No God told us to do it; the fault is ours!

So, where the heck did we lose our way? And the most important question: “Why did that happen?

The answer is very simple I’m afraid!

All this happened because (as I wrote before) man’s biggest need isn’t his freedom, but to captivate others! Did you ask yourself, what truly gives you more pleasure? Is it your ability to be free or the ability to control others? I know, many would choose the ability to be free, but (I believe) that, if they look deep into their selves, they will choose the ability to control others!

The explanation is that this is in our nature! We have primal instincts, we are animals after all. We like the taste of blood, and most of all, we like to see other people below us.

If someone says he is not like that, he lies. Only those who can win the battle within themselves can say that they are not animals or that they have killed the animal inside them. Judging from everyday experience, it is very difficult to find someone. Take a priest, a man who has dedicated his life to God. How difficult is to make him act like an animal? It is not so difficult, especially if your mind works faster than his.

But, why God said that we are like Him? Are we or not? Are we animals, or are we human beings? Or are we human beings after we kill the animal inside us?

I believe that we are human beings, but the animal inside us has its own life.

The animal inside us, some name it “Evil”, others name it “Power” and some name it “Human Nature”!

The animal inside us, is what make us what we are:  heartless entities who care only for “Power”. Heartless entities who only care to manipulate and control their peers.

Think about when was the last time that you helped someone. A stranger. Was it few days ago? Maybe a month ago? Or maybe …never?

Yes, man wants to be free. Man wants to make his life the way he wants, but, most of all, man is thirsty for blood! My blood, your blood, the blood of everyone else!

But why does man crave control?

Because he is weak! Because he cannot fight the beast inside him. Because that’s the way his parents and society taught him. Because having power over other people is what (he thinks) makes him… God.

This is how things are, and this is how things will be. We do kill. But not the beast living inside us. We kill the God who lives inside us.

Konstantinos Pamfiliss