Gothic Americana, or if you prefer dark/death country, is a music genre that is described by the fusion of alternative rock and classic country/folk. Literally, it is country music performed in a more raw and dark way. Imposing performances, dark passages through stringed instruments, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars create a stifling atmosphere, yet one feels comfortable in there. The song topics often deal with poverty, criminal behavior, religious imagery, death, ghosts, family, lost love, alcohol, murder, devil, and treachery.

Intro by: Alexandros Motsikas

“Mobster”: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Once upon a time…

The first song is from a group called Slack Bird, just listen how the banjo sounds, and the voice of the singer!

Slack Bird – ‘Oottajan laulu’

Carcass Brook‘s album is their first, and it comes out via the great label Death Roots Syndicate.

Carcass Brook – ‘Too Little Too Late’

A solo artist JB Nelson with his travelling voice in this awesome tune.

JB Nelson – ‘Harsh Solutions’

Tragical History Tour come from Scotland, and play alt-country in their own, unique way (Make That A Take Records / Aaahh!!! Real RecordsTeam Beard Records).

Tragical History Tour – ‘Fight For Light’

Spiritual Front is a group we love, here with their track ‘The Abyss Of Heaven’ off their latest long play ‘Amour Braque‘ on Prophecy Productions.

Spiritual Front – ‘The Abyss Of Heaven’

Snakes is the new “gang” from the great George Cessna (Grimoire Records).

Snakes – ‘The Banjo Song’

Dead Eye Darter‘s haunting, epic single, could easily be an album, ‘hitting’ almost 42 minutes!

Dead Eye Darter – ‘cold dark water’

Frater Mortis with his “whispering voice”, continues the story, in the acoustic song ‘Black Feather Pendulum (1st draft)‘.

Frater Mortis – ‘Black Feather Pendulum (1st draft)’

An awesome acoustic track with the etherial voice of DANA BLAZE from Philippines.

DANA BLAZE – ‘all the rage’

The “first shot” of Don’t shoot the Pianist is getting for its exodus with the 3rd acoustic suggestion by Sleepy Eyes Nelson (Cheap Wine Records).

Sleepy Eyes Nelson – ‘Smile into the Flames’


…to be continued