Brace yourself for the first few seconds of Hey Geronimo’s newest single ‘Working For Google‘ as the riff is heavy as a hammer to the head (far from painful though). The track is off of the Brisbane dystopic-rockers’ sophomore LP, ‘CONTENT‘ released September 7th. The song structure and poppy vocals can be compared to the Buzzcocks, and the synth flowing through is reminiscent of Kasabian’s recent output.

CONTENT‘ is an 11 track concept album described as “equal parts Black Mirror [and] Futurama”, written about “Google taking over the world, dating apps for robots, and the augmentation of our bodies with previously unimaginable tech.” To celebrate the darkly themed album, Hey Geronimo will be playing shows in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne this November. So bust out those earbuds and check out ‘Working For Google‘ down below via SoundCloud (along with the video) to prepare.

Sarah Medeiros

Upcoming gigs:
11/2/18 – Brisbane – Netherworld
11/16/18 – Sydney – 107 Projects 
11/17/18 – Melbourne – Yah Yahs