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***guêatas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ boʒha=32 (Muisca numerical system)***

Ethan Samuel Brown

‘Birthday Wine’


Press Notes:

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more immersed in live music than singer/songwriter Ethan Samuel Brown. Based in Nashville, the compelling 28 year old performer has spent the last decade moonlighting as a concert promoter, talent buyer, and audio engineer in some of music city’s most historic venues.

Skyway Man

‘Old Swingin’ Bell’

[americana/cosmic country]

Press Notes:

James Wallace–singer, songwriter and producer behind Skyway Man–presents The World Only Ends When You Die, a spinning disc flashing the finest examples of cosmological country and sci-fi gospel blues.

Michael Baker

‘Caught in the Crossfire’


Press Notes:

Michael is an Anglo-French singer/songwriter who has traveled the world playing his music to anyone and everyone who will listen. Pouring his heart and soul into every sinew of his songs, the feelings of honesty, belonging and serenity that are Michael’s hallmark, are constantly demonstrated throughout his music

O’Reilly & Vincent

‘Weeding in the Cross Bones Graveyard’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

O’Reilly and Vincent is the meeting place of the words of Rod Vincent and the music of Finn O’Reilly.

Rod Vincent grew up in London but his greatest literary passions were Irish, especially Samuel Beckett. Of Irish descent (like Finn) Rod was asked to read at last year’s Dublin International Literary Festival as one of the Poetry Ireland Introductions Poets. His work is published in the Iron Book of New Humorous Verse plus numerous other UK and Irish literary publications.

Finn O’Reilly is a Dubliner who discovered music young, learning cello at the age of five. He went on to learn piano and guitar, and won a musical scholarship before starting to write songs from the age of thirteen. Finn has released material under the solo guise of The Finnjamins.

Finn and Rod formed O’Reilly & Vincent in the spring of 2019 out of a completely unplanned flurry of creativity over one weekend. Rod’s verse and Finn’s music poured out a body of work that has now become their debut album.

Daniel God Damn Byrom

‘Caroline Doesn’t Exist’


Press Notes:

Daniel ‘God Damn’ Byrom, best known as the frontman of Brighton’s alternative rock outfit Wild Cat Strike, is embarking on his first solo venture, with a 4-track EP of low-fi indie-folk titled ‘Live from Sad Claire’s Apartment’ – out August 14th 2020 via Small Pond records. As prolific song writer it was only a matter of time before Byrom launched his own solo project. Having focussed on writing and touring with Wild Cat Strike over the past six-years, there was an abundance of unused songs, ideas, lyrics and melodies to play with: “I had always planned to do a solo project in a more folksy lo-fi way, and the vision just became clearer – the songs started to fit together”. After discovering a copy of ‘Manson in His Own Words’ surreptitiously placed on his doorstep, his initial songs were heavily influenced by cults and crimes of passion: “It seemed like a sign, albeit not a very promising one”. The image of sad Claire in her apartment – a fictitious character existing only in Byrom’s imagination – is a melancholic one, but buried in amongst themes of death, loneliness, and existential dread, ‘Live from Sad Claire’s Apartment’ bristles with hope, an exploration of existence and all things human – warts and all.

Great Peacock

‘High Wind’


Press Notes:

Leave it to Great Peacock — a band whose big, bold sound has been sharpened by years of relentless touring — to create some of the most compelling rock & roll road music of the 21st century. Forever Worse Better, the band’s third release, is an anthemic soundtrack for a life spent on the move, chasing down brighter horizons somewhere between the blur of truck stops and traffic lights — drawing from imagery that is painfully absent in the present moment in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-produced and funded by the bandmates themselves, this is Great Peacock’s defining album: a record about the three-way intersection between drive, desperation, and determination, rooted in the epic sweep of heartland rock, the harmonized melodies of amplified Americana, and the hooks of guitar-driven pop music.

Cambrian Shores

‘Coming Home’


Press Notes:

Formed in Encinitas California, Cambrian Shores consists of Southern California natives and longtime friends who grew up near the ocean and surrounded by music. Their sound reflects this blend of passions, creating a unique and diverse blend of acoustic/electric rock. What began as a pastime at the beach between surf sessions became Cambrian Shores.

The band lineup includes brothers Brian (Guitar/Vocals) & Sean Witkin (Bass/Percussion/Vocals), Cameron Lange (Lead Guitar) and Kyle Kelly (Drums). Cambrian Shores released their debut album “The Coming Home EP” in August of 2020 with Pacific Records.

Rodeo FM

‘Summer Rain’


Press Notes:

Berlin based Americana Band Rodeo FM were founded in 2005. Ever since, they have played art and country fairs, demonstrations and symposiums, jazz and beer festivals, weddings and funerals, punk cellars and linedance clubs. From the South of France to the russian border.

Their influences go from Gram Parsons, Karl Marx and Tom Petty via Antonio Gramsci and Whiskeytown to Giant Sand and Roky Erickson.

Always blending their own Americana by moving effortlessly between country, folk, blues, jazz and garage rock. Always moving towards the emancipatory. relishing the subversive. And always, always pulling people onto the dancefloor.


‘Cockeyed Suzie’

[americana/roots music]

Press Notes:

Whiskey-Fueled Roots / Green Mountain Americana / Rockin’ Old-Time Stringband from Vermont. (Slide guitar, mandolin, cello, fiddle, upright bass) New Album ‘Moon Music’ available everywhere!


‘The Wolves at My door’

[indie folk/acoustic]

Press Notes:

In a world full of trends and chasing the next big thing. Sometimes it best just to take a step back, be honest and be yourself.

Music is a very personal thing, and Nanuk writes songs from where it counts. You might not like every song and that’s ok. But the ones you do, will stay with you forever. Life is a journey.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis