Echolust are a Californian shoegazing, post punk threesome,  active since 2015’s ‘Fourier Series’, and they recently released their first ‘Veldisa’ LP (November 18th). What really caught my interest in the first place, is that they signed to Cleopatra Records , a significant label with character. Then I listened to the first single ‘Veldisa’ and…wow, it’s damn good; a shoegazing mid-tempo little gem! Echolust are perfectly mounted in that musing, peddling their alternatives in a genuine style, which actually makes them sound fresh and very interesting. It’s obvious that they are keen on, and inspired by new/dark wave along with post punk and indie/alternative music, and the truth is that they create good music without copying anyone. I felt like dancing to ‘1799’ and ‘Electric’, both mid-tempo and uplifting songs that are surely “hits” in their live performances, joyfully arranged in a shoegaze soundscape. The band is particularly fond of that sound, blended with their ideas in riffing and arranging. Listen to ‘Lotus’ or ‘Zombie Birds’ filled with reverbs and looong decays that really lay a groove under the vocal melodies. Compare ‘Dark Hair Girl’ to ‘Cherry Dancer’, same procedure in music, only that here they are mostly based on their 90’s alternative rock influences, both good songs. A good song is one which makes you wanna repeat or get in the groove, right? This goes on in the LP according to your mood. I found such interest also in ‘Doublespeak’, a song that can easily start and finish my day with a cup of coffee and a beer accordingly, nice! So, as I shift from track to track there are always good elements found, like in ‘This Blurry Kill’ and ‘The Least Resistance’ too.

It is a very good release, crafted with the band’s will to create a really great LP, including their musings with a certain know-how, and leave the listener to choose the songs that are most comfortable on any occasion. My favourite on the LP (f.ex.), ‘Decor Blonde’, takes me back to the 90’s period by The Cure and I really loved it. Echolust are a good band and, without making out that I’m a prophet, I believe that the next one will be their blast, because here they show their virtues, and later they will offer us their own artistic reality. For the time being, enjoy their introductory LP (‘cause it’s good!).

Mike Dimitriou