Top 20 Most read posts for 2017

1.R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise)Another bright soul is gone : In Letter Form frontman Eric Miranda passed awayAuthorFabrizio Lusso

2.NewsRammstein – New album in 2017?AuthorMalinda Mansfield

3.R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise)Singer and actress Mary Tsoni gone too soon…AuthorChristos Doukakis

4.Interviews: ScannerAuthor: Antonio Cristofaro

5.NewsThurston Moore announces brand new album ‘Rock N Roll Consciousness’, AuthorSarah Medeiros

6.News: Thurston Moore : New Single ‘Cease Fire’, Author: Sarah Medeiros

7.Cinema CultInterview with stunning, highly anticipated horror flick “Escape From Cannibal Farm” Charlie Steeds, Author: Christos Doukakis

8.Interviews: Girls Pissing On Girls PissingAuthor: Fabrizio Lusso

9.ExclusivesExclusive Track Premiere : The Captain Son’s ‘Burned Out Early’AuthorsLast Day Deaf

10,R(ockers) I(n) P(aradise)‘Not By The Grace Of God’, Thunder Express & The Hellacopters ace Robert ‘Strings’ Dahlqvist R.I.P.AuthorFabrizio Lusso

11.NewsDaniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, formerly of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail & Love And Rockets reunite as PoptoneAuthorSarah Medeiros

12.Interviews: RepetitorAuthor: Fabrizio Lusso

13.News90’s Britpop outsiders Echobelly are back with ‘Anarchy And Alchemy’Author: Fabrizio Lusso

(same position) Interviews: Blyth Power, Author: Fabrizio Lusso

15.ReviewsKalamata – ‘Disruption’AuthorMary Kalaitzidou

 16.Tributes: Staff Lists 2017 (Top 20 Albums), by Michael BarnettAuthorMichael Barnett

17.Tributes: Summer 2017 Playlists : “Adult” grooves (erotic B-movies & porno flicks), Author: Christos Doukakis    

18.TributesStaff Lists 2017 (Top 20 Albums), by Magda MavaAuthor: Magda Mava

19.Interviews: CovenantAuthors: Mike Dimitriou

20.NewsThe Eden House : New video based on old Spanish poem – Watch!Author: Mike Dimitriou

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flag-400                           27,55%

2.United States

us-flag-jpg                           22,56%

3.United Kingdom

uk-great-britain1                           13,03%


german_flag                           5,48%


italian-flag                           3,48%


flag-france                           2,81%


flag-of-canada                           2,31%


4                           1,56%


flag-spain                           1,46%


1200px-flag_of_poland-svg                           1,38%


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