Each and every one of us has their own personality. Each one of us has a life, a family, a job etc. We grow up in a place we haven’t chosen, living a life we haven’t chosen neither. We are spending our life chasing our goals, before (most of us) quit and become something we don’t like at all. Most people call it life, I call it compromise.

Sometimes I wonder how different it would be if we controlled our lives. If we could choose (not our family, because we happen to love them) our job. Someone would choose to be a football player, someone else would choose to be an actor or a politician etc. And how nice would it be if we could choose the way we look! All of us, we would choose to be handsome; I can’t believe anyone would say no to it! And if we could choose what we want, would we consider our life great? Would we be happy? I don’t know, really I don’t. Maybe it will be this way, maybe not.

But I’m afraid that I have bad news for you people. Sorry to tell you, but not only can’t you choose your life (sadly, many of us can’t even control our lives), but also you are all pawns in a great game of chess.

Yes, my beloved people, you are all pawns! You aren’t living the way you want; you are living as the “program” (call it a “game” if you like) says! And, if you are lucky enough, you live a good life just because this is one of the program’s parameters! If your life sucks, well, blame the program!

Many people believe that the “program” is God himself. I don’t blame them, but I have to inform them that the “program” is just a program!

Well, someone might ask who controls it. The answer is that the controller of the program, is an extra-terrestrial form of life, more superior than we can imagine: aliens use this “program” to just play and entertain themselves in their (I guess boring!) lives.

Imagine that: An alien, pays some money (don’t ask me how much money, please!) to become a character for a day. He can choose the character that he likes: a poor one, a strong one, a famous one, somebody whose life sucks since he was born etc., etc.

It will be fun for them, to “feel” how it is to be another form of life and live such strong feelings (because in Aliens’ pathetic life there are no feelings!) in 24 hours. I want to add here, that an Alien can be “a human being” who lives (let’s say) 80 years, in just 24 aliens’ hours. If the character they choose dies at the age of 10, I believe …they would get a better price!

Think that aliens have the ability to choose a person! To form in a big (or a small) rate his life! To choose in what time they want to live!

Imagine a dialog between aliens:

-“Last time I was an Egyptian king, it was good, but boring! Now I’m going to choose to be a …lion tamer, just to see how it feels. And I will save money because in my next trip I want to be someone who all girls love, I want to be …Konstantinos Pamfiliss, I believe it would be perfect!”

-“You bastard! I want to be Konstantinos Pamfiliss too.”

(Ok, that was in my imagination, sorry!)

As I continue with bad news, I want to tell you that things are worse than you imagined. To be more specific, in the next version of the “program” our life is a white page. This happens because aliens find version one too easy, to be just someone with a specific future. They want the unexpected to be in the “program” because it will make this game more interesting! They want to be God, to control all the things in our lives, even the unexpected things. So, next time that you are proud of yourselves about something, just remember to thank your controller!

In the version (version 2) the aliens play now, we only have the basic things: male or female, and the age we live. This is pretty bad, because it means that as the pawns we are, our life depends on those who control us. If the controller (the alien) is a good player, we will have a good life, if he is not a good player, well, in that case, life sucks!

So, all the things we live, all the troubles we have, all the people we love exist just because some  aliens far away from here, were tired of their life and just created us for  their own pleasure!

Konstantinos Pamfiliss