VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

X: THC – Hate Parade

American post punk/new wave outfit gifts us with its latest, anthemic banger accompanied by a killer b&w visualizer. According to the band ‘Hate Parade’ “is a song about those who preach hatred and bigotry and those that follow them. They can do no wrong in the eyes of their followers. They preach elitism, and look down on anyone that is different.” Fans of Joy Division, Interpol and early-era Editors, make sure you check this one out asap…

Obscure Spirits – ELØN

Alternative band from Chicago Obscure Spirits, open up their hearts and gift us with a powerful track about the struggle for success… Emotive stuff!

Lorenzo Carulli – Easy Peasy

Young Italian pianist and composer Lorenzo Carulli unleashes a brilliant piano piece, with an astonishing piano performance… An uplifting ‘moderato’  which transports the listener to an imaginary baroque era with Victorian fashion and absurd luxury….. Love this one!  

Lucy & The Robot – Dear Lover

‘Dear Lover’ is a letter that never got sent – it is a conversation that has never happened, but in someone’s head. Toxic relationships can push us into an internal closet, where we fight against our own fears and insecurities.

The transcendent electro pop tapestry of German act Lucy & The Robot raises the bar for this addictive treat….

Hombre – Anything For You

A bilingual (English, Spanish) acoustic, indie rock song obtained after a rough break-up and also a bout a “cool Venezuelan Dad” (Hombre)…. Immediate and humane!


Emerging band from Los Angeles MIHI NIHIL’s latest offering is their self-titled debut album, and ‘Gold’ is a hypnotic, highly atmospheric psychedelic, post punk slow-burner… Pure gold!

Zenon Marko – Until We Meet Again

A spine-chilling, neoclassical composition about loss. Zenon Marko has the artistic capacity transmute the pain into art. Timeless!

“ending or beginning

lost to be found found

farewell and remembrance

until we meet again

in memoriam: for my mother”

Defining 2021…

Owl Hunter – Breath

Owl Hunter is an Australian project that collaborates with musicians around the world. ‘Breath’ is their instrumental ode to lyricism…

Icarus Phoenix – Capacity For Delight, For Ikumi

One of the best indie acts of 2021, is definitely Icarus Phoenix. If you love early-era Belle & Sebastian, and 60s indie folk you should definitely check them out! “A song to heal the world. It needs it.” -Thank you! You did it!

Carol Blaze – The Quiet Loud

A.T. Vish, the former drummer of Pittsburgh’s dreampop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt), in a dark wave/goth opus from his latest album ‘Before The End Of The World’

Christos Doukakis