-“It all began seven months ago. I did what I did, because the Loud Speaker told me so. Do I regret it? I don’t know. I have to tell you, that, still, it was a good time when the loud speaker commanded me. Sadly, it was a bad time, too.

The first command it gave me was to murder a guy — any guy. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that back then, probably because I hadn’t murdered anyone yet, so, I picked a homeless guy, someone no one would ever care about. I went to the center of the town, where the homeless sleep in cardboard boxes. The one I chose was sleeping in an alley near a major road. I didn’t hesitate, I just pulled the trigger. His body didn’t move; it was as if I hadn’t shot him at all. Maybe that’s why I felt nothing about my action.

But, a month later, I heard the Loud Speaker again, commanding me to kill a specific person. It gave me his name and address. That person was a nurse in a mental hospital. He was nobody, doing a regular job. That guy, -I mean my second kill- I consider him as my first. Why? Because I saw him begging me not to kill him. I saw his tears; I remember his words. Yes, that was funny I might say. It was a kill to remember!


-“Ok, sorry, sorry. I will hear you, sorry, sorry” said the man in the room as he was lying on the floor with his arms and his legs tied up.

-Now you made me angry. I forgot what I was telling you. Oh, wait …I remembered. Well, The Loud Speaker spoke to me again. This time it gave me the name of a police officer. I admit, that was way tougher, but, as people say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

So, I waited for him just outside his home on a cold night. I knew that after I had shot him, I would have to vanish into thin air if I could to avoid being discovered by neighbours. And yes, that is what I did. I appeared suddenly in front of him, just as he was getting out of his car, and shot him three times in the head. I still remember his brains splattering his car! I still remember some brain matter on the roof of his car, and yes, I can proudly declare that he was my best kill!


-“Yes, I am, I am listening to you, sir!” said the man on the floor.

-“Ok, I can continue then, but please …STOP FUCKING CRYING!!”

Well, to cut a long story short, my fourth kill was a doctor. I shot him just like I did with the officer. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy that kill. Maybe I was tired of killing, I don’t really know.

My fifth and sixth kills were also doctors. They worked in a mental hospital, too. I killed them inside the mental hospital as they were about to take a break and drink some coffee.

And, as I’ve already confessed, I didn’t enjoy it any more. Killing these two doctors was something like… well, how should I put it… uhmmm… like water flowing out of the faucet, no interest at all! I thought that killing them would excite me, but, again, I was wrong.

Anyway, you must wonder why The Loud Speaker chose you to be killed, don’t you?

The man on the floor was listening to him carefully. Now, he wasn’t crying and his face looked different. He got up, approached Mr.K and said:

-“I know why I am here, but, apparently, you ain’t got the faintest idea why!”

Mr.K  looked at him confused.

-“What do you mean?” he told the man as he was watching him smiling ironically.

-“Well, my dear K, it’s time to know who is your seventh victim. But before that, let me introduce myself.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you …myself! Yes, myself!

You can call me “The Loud Speaker” if you like. I live in everybody’s mind, and many times I like to control you, I like you to obey to my wills, or shall I say “to your wills”?

Now Mr. K was looking amazed at …The Loud Speaker. He fell on his knees and started begging him to tell him what the last command was. Who the seventh victim would be.

The Loud Speaker gave Mr.K the gun. He sat on the armchair lighting a cigar. He looked at Mr.K and said:

-“All the people that you killed, had something to do with you, with your …let’s say “behavior”.  All these people were brought to you to the mental hospital. The first one was the guy that told the police about your …shall I say “crisis”? I believe I can say it. I made you go there and find him, I knew that you would choose him.  Remember the nurse, the policeman, the doctors. Thanks to them you were brought to the mental hospital. I believe that you know you are wanted by the police for seven months now. You escaped thanks to me, thanks to …The Loud Speaker, as my friends call me” he said sitting in the comfortable armchair like a King.

And, now, you have two options, my dear Mr. K. The first one is to stay here and wait for the police to come. I estimate that they will be here in a minute or two. Your other option, is to use the gun I gave you. Don’t you worry about me; I will be here till the end”.

Now Mr. K looked like a living dead. His face was white. He already looked dead. He was looking at the floor saying nothing. He took the gun, while The Loud Speaker was watching him as he was smoking his cigar.

He put the gun on his temple, looked at The Loud Speaker again, and pulled the trigger.

Next thing you knew, the empty armchair had a bullet hole.

Story by: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Illustration: Sofia Kyrisoglou