1. Decliner  – ‘Burn’

Decliner is a Detroit-based post punk/techno band and their debut single/video ‘Burn‘ is a fine introduction to the dystopic universe of this gang. The track is taken from their recently released first ‘Remember‘ EP out on FXHE Records. Being a fan of Hateful Abandon, I simply couldn’t resist to the intense, repetitive, kraut-y, asphyxiating & above all colossal soundscapes of this opus. The new, post-pandemic era is here. And this may very well be its soundtrack…..

Warning: No easy way out!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Roel Funcken – ‘Goff Mideon’

Roel Funcken is a Dutch electronic producer, who is a cult idm icon for genre addicts, since he’s been one half of great Funckarma (the 2nd half is his brother Don) since late ’90s. He’s also been releasing muisic with other projects and aliases, and also with his real name since mid ’00’s. ‘Goff Mideon‘ is among the highlights of his recently released 7-track ‘The Candarian Ruins EP‘, a gem of cutting edge sound design with rich sound textures, atmospheric ambience and an ideal balance between organic and digital. A glitch-y, leftfield bass experience with an idm ‘dogma’!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Ideini – ‘Iris’

Ideini is an indietronica duo which consists of the French producer Theo Duplus and the Italian vocalist Francesca Martino and ‘Iris‘ is their debut single. Francesca’s spirited vocal performance is admittedly matched with Theo’s misty, indietronica soundscapes. A track of engaging melodies, emotion, eerie vibes and hallucinatory aesthetics will transport the patient listener to a deep trance and an unpredictable, divine climax just after 3.30 mark. Great stuff!

Christos Doukakis

  1. Martin Inghardt – ‘KLUMPEN’

KLUMPEN‘ by Swedish artist Martin Inghardt is an unmissable treat for The Cure aficionados. This sublime song literally came out of nowhere and is a great blend of dreamy chillwave, Cure-esque new wave and catchy indie pop. The celestial pads create a larger than life sound, while Inghardt’s charismatic vocals, despite the fact we don’t understand Swedish-, are just perfect!

From Sweden, with love…. 

Christos Doukakis


German dark wave/goth/post punk singer and songwriter DARK released his latest single and video ‘LOVERS IN THE DARK‘ on Friday, featuring the female singer Nicole Willerton and starring the international alternative model Shelly d’Inferno in the music video. While waiting for the long-awaited 12″ debut full-length ‘NIGHTMARE‘ (Young & Cold Records), we now have a mesmerizing, dark, romantic ballad to dance with and sing along:

We could’ve found a way

But now no more

Memories forevermore

Of two, two lovers in the dark

Christos Doukakis

Compiled by Christos Doukakis