Last Day Deaf is excited to announce that is the Media Partner for the 2-day event (4th-5th May), in which Made In Hell Studio will be celebrating its 15 years at the legendary AN Club (Athens, Greece). Having moved from Montpellier (France) to Kallithea (Greece), with over 300 bands having recorded in its premises, and above all, an 100% r’n’r attitude, M.I.H. studio chose 10 bands to ‘blow’ its 15 candles.

Do not miss this, and be there for the most rock/metal Happy Birthday!

Facebook Event

Participating Bands

Friday (May 4th)


Rollin’ Dice

Ganzi Gun


Over 9000

Saturday (May 5th)

Whatever End

Mad John The Wise

Shadow In The Darkness

Tartarus Depth