Federico Carro is a young but important author in Vernazza that has published the fantasy genre in a modern way, “The King Of Light. The Order Of The Dark Gods a romance that talks about a love story between Fedrick and Eleanor, with some episodes of an adventure tale,

The idea of the romance of Federico Carro, will be presented at “Salone Internazionale del Libro” (Turin, Italy) on the 10th of May, it was born in the city of the Turin, where Federico went to met a girl.

They went out around Turin and here he got the inspiration for this second romance:

The King Of Light. The Order Of The Dark Gods:

The Book tells the story of the final period of the first Crusade to conquer Jerusalem, a crusader named Fedrick secretly reaches the Holy Sepulcher, finding a mysterious stone. Breaking it by chance, Fedrick frees a wicked entity that makes his faint and takes him into a parallel world. Having not to think about the battle anymore, the protagonist decides to enter in a world full of pitfalls, characters, events, peculiar and bizarre twists, maneuvered by an obscure Order of Gods. All this in the effort to reach his greatest love, Eleonor, in Turin.

Coming out victorious in succession against both kings who ruled with their power in the lands of Gaza and part of the Middle East, Fedrick thus decimated the dominion of Emperor Kinsguard. The crusader is targeted by the Celestial Master, one of the dark Gods who rule the world, and is stopped in his intentions of revenge by the dark master, he who governs the forbidden empire. Letting the boy proceed through a thousand vicissitudes within the forbidden empire, Fedrick reaches Turin, unaware of what he will find there where his beloved Eleonor is. The world begins to tremble before the evil plans of the Dark Master, who, by finding the thinking fulcrum of the planet earth, awakens the dormant power of the planet. The Dark Master, alias Dar queen, manages to succeed in his evil plans, starting his Darkerd plan, putting all lives on the planet at risk. The power of the dark divinities, the powers of evil and that of good begin to wobble facing Dar Queen…

To know how it will end, you just have to read this adventurous romance.


The book The King of light. The order of the Dark gods di Federico Carro, edit by “Youcanprint” is now available in the bookstores & in the online bookstore in English but also in Italian with the title: Il re della luce: l’ordine degli dèi oscuri edit by Sovera Armando Editore.

Both will be available at Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino (Turin, Italy) on the 10th of May. You can find information about the Author’s website and in his social medias.

Book trailer: