SlowHill, the Finnish downtempo/lounge band formed by the DJ Slow (aka Vellu Maurola) and the award-winning saxophonist Tapani Rinne, are not newbies, since they formed back in 2002, and their debut album ‘Finndisc‘, was released later that year on the mythical Blue Note.

Fast forward to today, and Last Day Deaf‘s exclusive video premiere of the outfit’s ‘India Ink‘ (from their album ‘SlowHillxEGS‘), which is an instant celebration of style and classy melody. The stunning production is ideally combined with the heavenly sax and the eclectic lo-fi hip-hop beats, while the visualizer is an extraordinary one, directed on noir B&W by Marko Rantanen & featuring art by EGS, the atypical 3rd member of the current SlowHill entity, – a contemporary artist known for his global graffiti art and other visual projects-.

This one is a prodigious audiovisual treat, and we hope you enjoy so much like we do! On endless repeat!

Press Notes:

Twenty years ago the foundations of SlowHill (lead by saxophonist Tapani Rinne and DJ Slow) was laid down in Helsinki. The original idea was to sample the classic Blue Note jazz catalogue and fuse it with hip hop beats and influences of jazz.

Debut album “Finndisc” was released appropriately by the legendary Blue Note Records and ever since, the kings of Finnish chillout have gathered together every few years and concocted a new thematic mix of soothing sounds.

Their latest project SlowHillxEGS transcends beyond the boundaries of a traditional album – it’s a three-way collaboration under the theme: One sax, two turntables and three letters.

This time they have joined forces with the contemporary artist EGS, known for his global graffiti art and other visual projects. EGS’s thought-provoking exhibitions have been seen in major cities around the globe: Amsterdam, Sydney, Barcelona, Helsinki, New York, Modena and London.

The trio forms a new, exciting entity; SlowHillxEGS , this is a band that can’t be booked for a concert or doesn’t give autographs in a shopping mall. Their appearances are rare as they create new chill hop sounds while simultaneously forming a work of art at the same time.

Tapani’s instrument is a cool, brooding saxophone, often meandering through a set of effect boxes. DJ Slow lays the beats, samples and scratches from his turntables and loopers and EGS’s instrument can be glass, syringe filled with black ink, spray paint or even water colours.

Their tracks – or perhaps they should be called art pieces – are inspired by lo-fi hip hop genre, mellow relaxation and even elevator music.

The aim of the concept album or performance is to create a new kind of live dialogue – where live instruments, groovy beats and painterly techniques form a feedback loop of immediate inspiration which gives birth to new creations.