Tonight’s premiere on Last Day Deaf is an ode to female sensuality and we feel more than excited to share with you ahead of its official release date on November 20th.

Hailing from Hungary Babé Sila is among the most exciting new voices we have experienced this year; The live version and video of ‘Goldfish‘ is the ideal proof for the previous statement. The dazzling visuals are ideally combined with Sila’s infinite, vocal capacity in an impeccable contemporary r&b treat with stupendous pop sensibility and a gentle dose of Eastern ethno-beat. This one is a bold amalgam of desire… Seduced!

“…Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness...”

Press Notes:

The goldfish live video is a piece of a bigger video concept that was dreamt up by three hungarian female creatives Aliz Acs, Eszter Takacs and Dora Riederauer.

As Babé Sila’s single Goldfish is revolving around female sensuality and empowerment the team intended to depict Sila as the erotic and mysterious being that she is.

The visuals are playing with the duality of being aqueous and fiery at the same time – the wet slick look and the orangey lights are resembling these two poweful natural elements – such as female desire.

Placing the concept in a live setting, during recording the reality of this raw but enchanted energy truly came to life.


Hailing from Hungary, Babé Sila began her career as part of a jazz-soul band in Budapest. As an accomplished violinist and guitar player, she soon started to write her own poems, which quickly progressed to songwriting. Heavily influenced by 90s R&B and soul, the likes of Whitney Houston, Sade, Mariah Carey and Erykah Badu have all played a part in shaping the unique sound you hear in her music today. Her emotional lyrics, soulful chords and 808 beats make for an intoxicating fusion.