Feeling really excited for today’s exclusive on Last Day Deaf; The track is called ‘Vonnegut, You’re Kidding Me (It’s Not Fair)‘, by Melbourne based nomadic producer and multi-instrumentalist Pawel Cholewa, aka Outside The Academy. This gem perfectly combines lo-fi aesthetics, bold experimentation, space age melodies, playful lyrics, indie spirit and above all tons of inspiration, emotion and authenticity reaching higher levels of artistic supremacy. Well, if you think  we exaggerate, all you have to do is press the play button below, sit back, close your eyes, & welcome yourself to the “indie” Pleasantville…

Press Notes:

“Vonnegut, You’re Kidding Me (It’s Not Fair)” is the synth-based electronic lo-fi space age anthem of OTA’s experimental MIDI journey this Summer. A short-lived 3-minute track about frustration and neglect. It is a song about resentment and hypocrisy, despite its overall (sarcastically) positive, ethereal and open-ended mood.“Vonnegut, You’re Kidding Me (It’s Not Fair)” was written and produced by Pawel Cholewa and mastered by Steve Tyssen.

Cover artwork by Jan Robbe.