It’s all in the wrong hands….” Yes, could not agree more with this sublime verse by Bergen based Secret Treehouse. Do not expect another raw, punk rock hymn though. The band with their track ‘Wrong Hands‘, -here on Last Day Deaf feel more than happty to exclusively premiere-, creates a politically charged gem, with the most ethereal, bittersweet & effortless indie pop melody anybody could ever imagine. Often, if not always, the most important things are told through the sweetest way. Press the play button below and get lost in the ear-melting melody of ‘Wrong Hands‘, repeating:

It’s all in the wrong hands….”

Press Notes:

Secret Treehouse is a Bergen (Norway) based pop orchestra, set out on an everlasting quest to find to perfect melody. This search is set in a realm where guitar-driven rock meets energetic electronic pop. It is all about cultivating the resistance and opposites in the soundscapes, painting audible pictures for the listener.

Their debut single, Fear of Frogs, was released Jan 12. 2019, single two. Kind of Special, Feb 22. and single three will be released April 12. The debut album is coming later in 2019. In March 2019 Secret Treehouse signed with international label, Ditto Plus. The single, Wrong Hands, will be released May 30., same day as we gig at The Water Rats in London. The song is about when our leaders don’t do what we need them to, and the consequenses of it all being in the “wrong hands”.