One of the things we do admire mostly on Last Day Deaf, is the diy spirit. Today’s exclusive premiere is the epitome of the aforementioned, since MBG (the moniker for Toronto based, multi-instrumentalist Leena Rodriguez) wrote, recorded and produced ‘Too Slow‘ by herself. But, this is the top of the iceberg, since the track itself is an undeniable, garage/alternative rock banger, which gradually picks up to its zenith, unleashing more tension than a classic alt-rock quartet could achieve. Mighty vocal performance, captivating chorus and regarding the guitar performance we will borrow Billy Joe Amstrong‘s (Green Day) words “I just plug in and let go“. Yup, MBG goes really wild, like nobody is listening. Well, we are…

Press Notes:

MBG is a music project with a focus on creating edgy songs, with a love for different influences. Her most recent studio release, Too Slow, is a combination of alternative rock, indie, and other influences, making for a unique and highly rewarding combination of styles that keep the attention span of the listener high. In particular, the song has a huge dynamic range, going from extremely soft-spoken moments to all-out alt-rock madness.

The tracks feels like a perfect compromise between energy and melody, making for a truly exciting feel. The verses are slightly held back, in order to allow the main hooks to really stand out and branch out. This is when the release reaches is absolute apex, and when the song has its greatest emotional payoff, really bringing the point home! The song’s intro has a soaring build-up, really perfect to set the mood and pave the way for the rest of this release to unfold. The atmosphere of the music is truly engrossing, and the sound of this song is quite distinctive, providing an honest portrait of MBG as a songwriter and artist. She knows what she wants to say with this single, and because of her instinctive approach, it is very easy for listeners to find a genuine connection. This is also made possible by MBG’s DIY aesthetics, as the music was produced and performed by herself at a friend’s home studio. The artwork of this release is also pretty spot-on, giving the music an amazing context. This release is highly recommend for fans of artists such as Courtney Barnett, Daughter, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many others, as it combines atmospheric indie rock textures with hard-hitting rock and roll riffs and breakneck tempos alternating with whisper-quiet moments.