What we love most about today’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, ‘Hold My Hand‘ by Brendon, is the sincere, immediate and ingenuous melody this unleashes. This is the title track from singer’s-songwriter’s forthcoming album (out April 17th), and although there is a sad story behind this (read below), the ray of optimism is diffusible from start to finish. That ray of optimism that’s so very much needed, especially this very stressful period for most of us after the COVID-19 outbreak.

A seductive, memorable gem about eternal love.

Brendon’s Quote about the song: “Hold My Hand is about my mother and about a moment when she asked me to hold her hand. She was ill, it was the last time I saw her alive and they were the last words she said to me. The song is a small tribute to her. It is not a sad song but one which I hope is uplifting which is how she was in her life.