Blanket Swimming is the primary alias for Jackson, MS-based sound artist, Nicholas Maloney. Blanket Swimming explores experimental/ambient/and drone compositions using guitar, synthesizers, tape manipulation, field recordings, voice, and other instrumentation. Blanket Swimming has the rare talent of straddling both melancholy drones and uplifting melodies, striking lasting emotional impression by exercising the construction/destruction of stereo drones with found and improvised sounds.

Perpetual Seeds for Fleeting Time explores 6 unique methods of composition with a unifying thread of present non-dualism and the expounding of heavy emotion through a fluid stream of expressionistic soundwaves. I hope that these recordings can assist you in grounding in reality and allow you to take a step back from your busy lives to enjoy a moment of repose.

All music, arrangement, and production by Blanket Swimming
Design and Layout by Zylophonica
Cover photo taken by Nick M.
Additional photos by Jason Lamoreaux