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***shûʒhâ=8 (Muisca numerical system)***

Sheli Monacchio

‘Maternal Instinct’


Press Notes:

In 2011 Sheli Aarden released her critically acclaimed LP Kansas. Kansas was a ten song confessional about the ups and downs of love, divorce, parenting, and the pursuit of solid footing after feeling unmoored for the better part of a decade. Eight years later a lot has changed. In that time, she has remarried, changed her name to Sheli Monacchio and had her third child. Already a mother of two adult children, this new child brought back into focus the joys and rigors of motherhood. It also brought with it a new perspective on life and what is truly important. After a brief respite, Sheli slowly started to get back into performing and with a renewed energy, writing songs. Maternal Instinct is the ten song result of that renewed energy.

Back Pockets



Press Notes:

About the Hawaiian girl that got away.


Grain Thief

‘Lonesome Highway’


Press Notes:

Grain Thief is a 5-piece americana string band from Boston, MA. The group comprises Patrick Mulroy (guitar, vocals), Zach Meyer (mandolin, vocals), Michael Harmon (bass, vocals), Tom Farrell (lead guitar), and Alex Barstow (fiddle).

Curse of Lono

‘Blackout Fever’ (Live at Toe Rag Studios)


Press Notes:

Legendary London-based Americana rock band Curse of Lono is back with an exciting new project. The band is proud to announce an album of stripped-down live versions of classics from their first two records compiled on ‘4am and Counting.’ Recorded live at Rag Tag Studios in London, the band worked with Grammy-winning producer Liam Watson (White Stripes ‘Elephant’) and Mixer Oli Bayston (Boxed In). The album also features Pink Floyd slide guitar player BJ Cole and harmonica player Nick Reynolds.

Kora Feder

‘Dance With Me’ 


Press Notes:

A rising voice in the new generation of singer-songwriters, Kora Feder is up to the task of confronting the times we live in. Feder’s first full-length album, In Sevens, is an honest and poetic testament to the modern age. From living in Asia and Europe with a backpack and a guitar while working for various International NGO’s to the apocalyptic realization of returning home to modern America, these are the songs of a young woman coming of age and holding her own. A follow-up to 2017’s EP Marigolds, showcases at 2018’s Kerrville Folk Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and more, she’s received numerous accolades, including Rich Warren (Host of WFMT Folkstage, The Midnight Special) declaring Feder “The most talented new singer-songwriter I’ve heard in the past decade.”

My Father’s Son

‘Dust to Rust’

[indie folk/alt-country]

Press Notes:

Indie folk / alt. Country outfit My Father’s Son’s new single “Dust to Rust” is both a love song and a (the world’s gentlest) ‘diss’ track, if you can believe it.

“It’s a love song for my Montreal apartment while I am out on the road. Touring is the epitome of bitter-sweet. Leaving loved ones and the comfort of home behind as you drive away for weeks at a time always comes with moments of panic. The day before I leave is always the worst. There is doubt and uncertainty until the rubber hits the highway. Once I get going I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to travel and play for strangers and friends alike.





Press Notes:

Merival knows something about drawing inspiration from tension. Gathering from the romantic and familial, she deepens the roots of her creative process when it comes to honing her craft. After a remarkable period where she gained recognition with the critically acclaimed “Lovers” – she took some time for himself, to find her own path, her own community. It’s something that she searches for to this day, though some might say that she’s found it within the cozy folk clubs and dive bars of Toronto. It’s also the inspiration behind her new album – a self-produced opus of self-discovery and the key arresting moments of life.

Steve Marino



Press Notes:

If you have a moment, check out this new one from Steve Marino’s debut record produced by Ben Lumsdaine (Kevin Krauter, Major Murphy). His music feels like an alternate universe where you decided against moving from your small town in the Midwest to Brooklyn (or any big city). The video was all shot with a mounted camera on the director’s dog, Rusty.

Steve Marino’s “debut” album ‘Fluff’ was out May 24, 2019 on coke bottle green vinyl, black vinyl, CD, and cassette via Darling Recordings.


‘Group Manoeuvre II’ feat. Emily Millard


Press Notes:

Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for “Emerging Artist of the Year,” Aerialists meld their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities and deep love for folk traditions into a post-rock coloured sound called prog-trad. Featuring Scottish harpist Màiri Chaimbeul (Darol Anger), and Canadian neo-folk innovators Adam Iredale-Gray (Fish & Bird) on guitar and Elise Boeur (Jenny Ritter) on fiddle with a stellar rhythm section, the group draws from the wells of Nordic and Gaelic music, adding expansive textures and meticulously sculpted arrangements to create captivating, genre-defying new music.

Gary Kazazian



Press Notes:

Rural Venezuela. Bustling Beirut. Downtown Los Angeles. Nigeria. All places Gary has called home. His father’s career in oil exposed him to a wide range of cultures, and his introverted tendencies lent themselves to observing these walks of life. The tone, rhythm, and architecture of each setting slowly forged his view of the world, which ultimately trickled down to his music later in life. Gary’s debut EP is a collection of progressive folk songs. It combines the experiences of a young nomad with the with the time honed perspectives of an adult looking for meaning on his own terms.

Photo credit: Paul Mashburn


Compiled by: Christos Doukakis