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Press Notes:

I’ve always been chasing my dream in music, from a small town in Holland to Boston, to LA, to Nashville and a short stint in Chicago and worked with artists in Thailand, China, Canada, Germany and the UK. I have loved and still love pursuing my music career, but sometimes you find yourself in a hotel room somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a string of Christmas lights and a bottle of wine and you wonder why on earth you started this journey because it’s a lonely one. So, this song happened in one of those hotel rooms, with a guitarlele and a bottle of wine and a lot of self pity. There is also a lot of sarcasm in it, we all feel down and lonely sometimes and you allow yourself to wallow in it until you just gotta get up and get going again.

Steven Dunn



Press Notes:

Steven Dunn has been leaving his mark from Indiana, to the Gulf Coast, and all the way to the green hills of Ireland. From his “raw, haunting vocals” to “the beautifully layered guitars” Dunn’s songs intermingle our every day realities of doubt, grief, sorrow and comfort. With “soulful lyrics” and “raw, haunting vocals”, Dunn’s music finds a resting place somewhere between the intersection of Rock, Blues, and Americana. Steven’s series to be released quarterly in 2018 has a pointed realism that focuses on the fleeting lives we lead and our inability to rationalize faith, love, and death. “In the digital age of recording, where independent music is ubiquitous—and it seems anyone can make a record—it’s hard to find artists who stand out, touch the soul, and make you want to listen to their songs over and over again.” Through his honest sound, that appear lost amongst today’s mainstream music, “…Dunn reminds us that such a reality is still possible.”


Joe McCarthy & the Faders


[indie folk/blues]

Press Notes:

Joe McCarthy and the Faders releases its first full-length STEP ON, recorded in 2014-2015. A collection of songs about the American Dream and all it entails, these songs are for Springsteen-tinged drives from Brooklyn to Asbury Park, kissing the one you love in the barn of an abandoned farm in the Midwest, or the first view of the Pacific coast in California after crossing the desert.


‘Summer End’


Press Notes:

aemma is the latest project of classically trained multi-instrumentalist, composer and artiste Emma Churchley.

aemma’s music is characterised by a sense of magic, created through complex melodies and arrangements. Everything is effortlessly underpinned by powerful cerebral lyrics that celebrate subjects such as nature, sensitivity, romance and femininity in all forms.

A favourite of BBC Radio London’s Jo Good and the Metro newspaper, aemma (together with string quartet, synths and a female choir) recently played a sold-out show at London’s Bush Hall in October alongside The Quill to celebrate ‘Hunters Moon’.

Though now London based, aemma was born and raised on the wilderness of Dartmoor. She takes influence from composer Ennio Morricone and 60’s and 70’s European film music generally, as well as classical composers Sibelius, Debussy and Bach whose music she regularly performed growing up.

The Last Man Running

‘New Backyard’ 


Press Notes:

In the sunny coast of Sydney, an album was born. With this Australian city in the background, stories of love and loss are told with a genuine and delicate folk aesthetic. “Roslyn Gardens” is The Last Man Running’s first album, conceived by Tiago while living in Sydney for two years. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, he was immersed in the stories and exuberant biodiversity of this city.

Roslyn Garden’s tracks consist of simple songs, structured around acoustic guitar arpeggios. Simple piano and guitar layers draped in deep choral walls, express the meaning of a new world, where man and nature cast together.

Despite its complexity, Roslyn Gardens was recorded entirely by Tiago in a rural house on the outskirts of Lisbon, with only a few microphones. This reclusive aspect of working, allowed for a more intimate expression, where spontaneity had a crucial role on the making of these songs.

River String Lizards



Press Notes:

River String Lizards, 5 guys on a journey through the cosmos on spaceships made out of sound. Timeless riffs and arrangements will have you transcending space and time easier than eating your porridge in the morning. Ethereal solos floating over a driving rhythm and some psych out guitar effects with hammering banjo you’re going to be up and moving before you have a chance to say, is that the River String Lizards!


Jason Saltiel

‘Tunnel at the End of the Light’


Press Notes:

I’ve dabbled in a few genres over the last few years: the retropop “Jason Saltiel”, the late-night jazz “Wait Until the Night”, the literate folk-pop “Late Bloomer” and the alt-country “Country Boy.” In December I’ll be back in NYC to finish up my electropop effort “Black Box”– the tracks “Near Dark”, “I Surrender” and “New World Order” are already on Spotify.

I’m also the writer/director/composer of the feature film Beach House which will be released soon. “Dungeon of My Heart” was recorded for this film.

Coyle Girelli

‘The Lights’


Press Notes:

Girelli’s debut solo album “Love Kills” has received unanimous praise since it’s release in September, being frequently referred to as a masterpiece in reviews and his emotive tenor vocal compared to music legends Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley.Taken from a festive five song Christmas EP “Christmas And Me”.

Transit Club


[folk/indie pop]

Press Notes:

Sthlm Transit Club is a music collective based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Canadian-born frontman and public transit enthusiast Steve Motion blends the sensitive songwriting and warm personalities of Justin Vernon, Lionel Richie, Chris Martin and Joni Mitchell with an added touch of 21st century urgency. Sthlm Transit Club’s music is as spontaneously playful as it is impulsively emotional.

Hello Heartland



Press Notes:

Hello Heartland is a Swedish alternative indie/alt. country band centered around Gustav Berry’s songwriting. We favour organic and dynamic music and well-crafted songs and lyrics in an age of autotuners and radio edits. We preferrably play waltzes, heavy and slow waltzes.

Annie is a track from Hello Heartland’s recently released album Strange Entrapments. This slow-paced duet, featuring Stockholm songwriter and producer Zebastian Swartz, is a moody and sensible story of lost love and broken bonds. Inspired by the band’s guitarist and songwriter Gustav Berry’s work in archives, Annie pays homage to untold stories of young love in the early 20th century and all its complications.


Compiled by: Christos Doukakis