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***guêmicas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ=70 (Muisca numerical system)***

Carnation Blue

‘Up On The Roof’

[alt americana/indie rock]

Press Notes:

Carnation Blue is following up their second EP with their new single ‘Up On The Roof’, in which they have explored their sound even further.

Brewed out of American blues and soul, mixed with influences from pop/rock, the band, together with Helene Åhström’s sharp lyrics, creates a unique sound. Thus, with their miscellaneous creativity, Carnation Blue is anything but predictable.

Starving For My Gravy


[singer-songwriter/indie folk/art rock]

Press Notes:

Starving For My Gravy is a Band and Art collective from Fredrikstad, Norway. Its been five years since SFMG released the EP. Vol.1, and fortunately Vol. 2 is now underway. From Vol. 2, the orchestra is now releasing the second single “The Dancer” on Cafe Superstar Recordings.

In addition to standing on its own two feet, SFMG has been involved both collectively and individually in a dozen music projects over the past 15 years. The most famous are Tommy Tokyo & Starving For My Gravy, Apotygma Berzerk, Frode Fivel Band, Ricochets, Navigators, Karen Jo Fields, Remington Super 60, EPA, Graalum, and Peru You.

Kentucky Divide



Press Notes:

Based out of Austin, TX, Kentucky Divide bridges the gap between traditional bluegrass, Americana and pop. Josh Adams, Kevin Kline, Bethany Ferrell and Rob Chase each bring their own styles to the songwriting process to weave together songs that speak to a life filled with love and loss. Energetic, raw, and visceral- these are the type of songs that stick with you long after the music has stopped.

Pretty Little Goat

‘Making Time’

[folk/acoustic/vocal jazz]

Press Notes:

Born in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, the band calls Rosman, NC home. Inspired by the timeless fiddle tunes and ballads passed down from generation to generation, Pretty Little Goat puts their own spin on tradition, writing songs as timeless as the hills themselves.

Sarah Osborne

‘Autumn Sun’


Press Notes:

Sarah Osborne is a singer-songwriter from the west coast of Canada. Hailing from a musical family and holding a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, this songstress and sea queen draws inspiration from folk, blues, jazz, and the weather.

Brodie Dawson

‘Skip a Beat’

[indie folk/country]

Press Notes:

Named ‘Vocalist of the Year’ at the Vancouver Island Music Awards and nominated for ‘Best Live Act’ a number of times, Brodie Dawson is a force to be reckoned with. It’s her voice that jumps out at you…as soon as she sings her first note you’re hooked. It’s rich and riveting, pure and powerful, and full of soul. You’ll find yourself in whether or not you wanted to be – and you might as well not look back, and just hold on for the ride…

Finishing 2019 on a high note, Brodie recorded her 3rd album – this time at the infamous OmniSound Studios in Nashville. The album was produced by Patrick Davis and crafted with heavy hitting players Tim Lauer, Bryan Sutton, Fred Eltringham, Tony Lucido, Justin Schipper, Kris Donegan, and Kristen Rogers. After the great pause of 2020, this album will finally be released this year!

JukeBox County


[country/indie folk]

Press Notes:

JukeBox County’s debut album will be out on May 26, 2021 through Wolfe Island Records and produced byHugh Christopher Brown. Rich Tyo, the creative mind behind the songs and vision of Jukebox County, gets his inspiration from his experiences out on the streets working as a mental health crisis worker, developing music-based mental health programs for youth and adults, and being witness to life’s hardships and the will to overcome through hope, compassion, firm grounding, and connecting to one’s passions above all else.

The Roseline

‘Hunker Down’


Press Notes:

The Roseline (pronounced rose like the flower, line like a straight line) is a band from Lawrence, Kansas USA. Six albums into their career, they have crafted a songbook that is at once familiar and singular. Founder and songwriter, Colin Halliburton, began the project as an acoustic folk trio, and it has since evolved into the five-piece Americana rock band of its current form. Kind foreign press and high charting on the Euro Americana Chart (‘Lust for Luster’, ‘Blood’, and ‘GOOD/GRIEF’ all charted in the top ten), led to a deal in the Benelux with Dutch label, King Forward Records. The band also released one album, ‘Vast as Sky’ (2012), with the Bay Area label Ninth Street Opus (home to Sarah Lee Guthrie and Carrie Rodriguez).

The Roseline has had the good fortune of landing sync placements in indie movies and major network television shows such as ABC’s ‘Nashville’ and ‘Resurrection’, as well as USA’s ‘Queen of the South’. The Roseline has been featured on/in NPR, Pop Matters, American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, and No Depression, among others. Halliburton also performs solo under The Roseline moniker and has embarked on two European tours thus far.

Melanie MacLaren


[indie folk/dream pop]

Press Notes:

Poignant storytelling resting on a haunting soundscape, “Graveyard Shift” is the upcoming debut single from independent alternative-folk musician Melanie MacLaren. As an artist MacLaren creates a world for her listener that is both visual as well as musical, with imagistic lyrics and evocative melodies, reminding one of the familiar, while carefully guiding them into new sonic territories. Intricate fingerstyle guitar and haunting synthesizers weave together, joining the threads of past and present folk music in a seamless experience.

Described as Joni Mitchell meets Phoebe Bridgers, Melanie MacLaren takes on the longstanding folk tradition of writing about every day, but life through a modern lens, finding beauty and transcendence in the mundane and even profane aspects of the human experience. Growing up in New York and moving to Nashville in 2020 MacLaren’s music is not so much rooted in a place and time as it is suspended, caught between worlds— dreamlike and hyper-realistic, timeless and contemporary.

Brandi Vezina



Press Notes:

Brandi Vezina is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose authentic country roots are intertwined with rock and the blues. She is a natural-born performer who comes from a musical Metis family. Her biggest inspirations include Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and Miranda Lambert.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis