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***guêmicas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ taa=76 (Muisca numerical system)***

Nickola Magnolia

‘Cocaine and a dream’


Nickola Magnolia’s timeless musicianship is ideally found on her recent  single ‘Cocaine and a dream’, with a stunning, straight form the 70s, ocal performance!

Press Notes:

Like many of the world’s most beloved country artists before her, Port Hope, Ontario’s Nickola Magnolia offers listeners a glimpse into her own life through honest and intimate songs of loss and heartache. While her themes are timeless, her take is unique and powerful, shaped by her singular experience Raised by an immigrant and a French Canadian, a tattoo artist and shop owner by day, Nickola was handed the key to the country music kingdom while she was living in the UK, hunting down pubs and open mics, and attended the wedding of two country musicians in London. The couple sang ‘If I Needed You’ by Townes Van Zandt while exchanging their vows, and changed the course of Nickola’s life.

Nicola Magnolia’s debut record, “Broken Lonesome”, produced by The Sheepdogs Jimmy Bowskill, and featuring members of Kathleen Edwards’ band, draws dinstictly on the country music tradition while veering uniquely into profound and personal lyrical themes which include change and learning where one belongs in the world, the death of friends by suicide and the opioid pandemic, painful heartbreak, and even the theme of becoming disillusioned with the limitations of expression in one’s own writing. At the record’s core, ‘Broken Lonesome’ is characterized most by self-awareness and brutal honesty. With songs like ‘Cocaine and a Dream’, “Ain’t About You’, and “I Love Country Music (More Than I Ever Loved You)’, Nickola draws her listener into a world where telling the truth is paramount and essential to self-preservation. A storyteller at heart, Nickola Magnolia’s work draws quick comparisons to the work of Shania Twain, Jade Eagleson, and Joni Mitchell. Musically, the influence of Dolly Parton, John Prine, Jewel, and, of course, Townes Van Zandt, are all present and honoured. Speaking about deciding which of her songs to include on the record, Nickola says, “ There were two songs I was hesitant to include, they’re so personal I felt embarrassed. I wrote them over 10 years ago, so revisiting felt naive. Ultimately I thought: you know what? That’s how I felt in the moment, and that’s the damn truth.”. This is Nickola Magnolia’s greatest strength and what casts her as a singular voice in the Canadian country music scene, as well as the broader Canadian music scene at large – her determination and ability to tell her truth. And what is country music but the truth?

Jack Rayne



A vulnerable, acoustic folk ballad abou life’s hardhiships by Syndey’s Jack Rayne… A perfect sedative!

Press Notes:

With shades of yesteryear and passion only a 6 foot tall ginger can possess, storyteller Jack Rayne depicts the mountainous highs and heartbreaking lows of the day to day in the most beautiful of ways. Boasting one of the most captivating voices on the Australian east coast, the Sydney-sider has graced audiences nation wide with his authentically raw live show. Rayne combines the traditional rustic nature of roots/Americana music with a unique vocal flair, creating a sound that is all his own. Rayne has the ability to tell emotional tales without sacrificing musicality, especially when he surrounds himself with some of the finest young touring musicians in the country to form the Jack Rayne Band.

12 Feet Tall 


[folktronica/dream pop]

An invaluable blend of folktronica with dream pop, filled with bittersweet nostalgia by 12 Feet Tall!

Press Notes:

12 Feet Tall is composed of Matthew McCormick and Ian McTamaney, both 21 years of age. We started performing in high school band together but never entertained the idea of making songs until Ian explored writing music and Matthew started producing Hip Hop beats. With our drastically different tastes in music, we offer unique and genre eccentric production while keeping tracks grounded in contemporary singer/songwriter sounds. Due to our backgrounds as STEM Majors, we aren’t apprehensive about applying ourselves in new techniques of production, mixing, and mastering. Based in Seattle and Spokane Washington, we plan to expand and apply our creative outlets as independent artists to create a community of like-minded individuals with a drive for artistic expression.

Brodie Dawson

‘I’m Movin’ On’


A heartfelt, country-americana treat about “moving on” from difficult and dysfunctional situations by great Canadian Brodie Dawson!

Press Notes:

Named ‘Vocalist of the Year’ at the Vancouver Island Music Awards and nominated for ‘Best Live Act’ a number of times, Brodie Dawson is a force to be reckoned with. It’s her voice that jumps out at you…as soon as she sings her first note you’re hooked. It’s rich and riveting, pure and powerful, and full of soul. You’ll find yourself in whether or not you wanted to be – and you might as well not look back, and just hold on for the ride…

Finishing 2019 on a high note, Brodie recorded her 3rd album – this time at the infamous OmniSound Studios in Nashville. The album was produced by Patrick Davis and crafted with heavy hitting players Tim Lauer, Bryan Sutton, Fred Eltringham, Tony Lucido, Justin Schipper, Kris Donegan, and Kristen Rogers. After the great pause of 2020, this album will finally be released this year!

A Choir of Ghosts

‘Do You Remember?’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Alt-folk musician James Auger a.k.a. A Choir of Ghosts’ ‘Do You Remember?’ is a powerful anthem of insecurity about getting old or dying… Lyrics from the heart, melodies from heaven!

Press Notes:

A Choir of Ghosts’ musical foundation is: A solid ground consisting of a reminiscence of Kurt Cobain, covered with the water, the sun and the air of bands like The Tallest Man On Earth and the Hollow Coves, which give you a feeling of various shades of nostalgia.

A Choir of Ghosts has had a few singles since 2016 – “Morning Light” currently has over 1.4 million streams on Spotify, and the trend is rising – and released an EP that received international media coverage and carried him across the borders of the Swedish wilderness, among others on extensive tours through Central Europe.

With the release of his widely acclaimed debut album “An Ounce of Gold” in April 2020, the Swede by choice was once again able to secure euphoric international press praise. After a spring European tour that was canceled due to Covid-19, “Do You Remember?” is the latest musical sign of life from A Choir of Ghosts.

Jason Flashner

‘Alive Awake!’

[americana/rock n’ roll]

The first single off of Jason Flashner’s upcoming album ‘Rocks and Roots’, ‘Alive Awake!’, is a rallying cry to escape the (pandemic) hibernation mode, realise we are alive, and rock n roll! Great, uplifting and genre-bending gem!

Press Notes:

Jason is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. His music crosses various genres, and his songwriting helps to paint a vivid picture in his songs. Jason prides his music on his powerful lyrics, and when combined with his creative chord progressions on guitar, his songs come alive.

He has played at venues spanning across Long Island, including Long Island’s famed vineyards, on the East end. In 2012, He was touted as one of Long Island’s “up and coming,” singer/songwriters, by 92.9, W.E.H.M radio. His song, “Click and Clash,” received airplay on W.E.H.M., after winning a local songwriting contest which was sponsored by the radio station. Jason was also featured on 90.1 W.U.S.B. FM Radio, on December 23rd, 2010, for a one-hour interview/live performance, and again in May, 2012, and most recently, in August 2014, for his release of Indie Tale.

Friendly Faces

‘Why Do I Care’

[indie folk/lo-fi rock]

Friendly Faces’ ‘Why Do I Care’ may very well be among the most memorable indie folk & lo-fi rock amalgams, we’ve experienced this year… And yes we do care… Early-era Smog and Palace Music aficionados, get your hands on this treasure asap!

Press Notes:

Friendly Faces is a alt folk band outta Chicago, Illinois. All music is written and preformed by Cameron Goulder and Griffin Mang.


‘Silver Lining’

[indie folk/slowcore]

A melancholic indie folk, -with slowcore elements-, anthem, and heartfelt lyrics of the artist’s lonely college days, may bring tears in your eyes… Like it did to ours! Love!

Press Notes:

Byung is the first name and moniker of instrumentalist/singer-songwriter BJ Choe.

As a 1st generation Korean-American who grew up in the bible belt, BJ has developed an eccentric music palette evidenced by the first album he purchased, Sisqo’s Unleash the Dragon, his high school prog-rock band, classical guitar training, and contemporary church gigs. It was only shortly after discovering and connecting with singer-songwriters like Justin Vernon, Benjamin Gibbard, David Bazan, William Fitzsimmons, Sufjan Stevens, and many others that stirred BJ to write songs that tell his own story.

Released at the beginning of 2021, 205 to 206 is a five-part visual instrumental EP that reflects on the emotional tension of moving away. It documents the dichotomy of two homes. One familiar, confining, and full of memories, the other boundless, expectant, and full of hope.

Byung is currently working on a collection of songs that explore previous psychological melodies about memory, loss, relationships, and faith. For a decade, Byung has been developing these stories, setting lyrics to his layered ambient instrumentals, and discovering his voice. His debut EP, Humid Memories, is set to release in 2022.

Iris Marlowe

‘Cowboy Chords’


The 2nd single from Iris Marlowe’s upcoming album, is a hauntingly beautiful, country-folk song, with a stunning vocal performance, transcendent arrangement, and is inspired inspired by old western movies… From another era! 

Press Notes:

I’m Iris Marlowe and I’m a country/folk singer from Chicago, IL. I’m currently working on an album inspired by old western music and modern day influences. I’d love to submit my new single ‘Cowboy Chords’ for your consideration. The song came out on November 5th.

Tim O’Connell

‘Silent Nights’

[country/holiday music]

Nashville songwriter Tim O’Connell, is preparing the ground for this holiday season with his ace, country song ‘Silent Nights’, which is the title track of his Christmas CD for 2021! 

Press Notes:

Tim is an award-winning songwriter from Nashville, best known for writing “A Singer of Songs” for Johnny Cash. One reviewer called Cash’s recording “one of the most moving and inspiring things I have ever heard committed to tape.”

[All Press Notes provided by the artists]

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis