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‘No Lifeboat No Rope’

[indie folk]

A flawless indie folk track from Canadian singer-songwriter Wellens’ recently release debut album ‘Dark Overlay’ with moving lyrical content!

Press Notes:

Singer Songwriter and guitarist. I love folk-fingerstyle acoustic songs where the vocals and the guitar melodies intertwine to form a cohesive whole. I also really enjoy creating atmospheric arrangements for these songs to evolve into. Mixing acoustic, electric and synthesizer is really fine for me!

Lindsay Everly

‘California Chaparral’


Lindsay Everly’s angelic vocals ‘talk’ about “a woman trekking alone through an unfamiliar dusty terrain, feeling uncomfortable in the strange new environment but remaining optimistic in her heart”. Alluring & touching!

Press Notes:

A suiitcase – the start of something new, often the end of something old. Collections of stories can be created, from using only one. Americana music at its roots, Lindsay Everly’s songs tell tales of the traveler – in foreign lands, small cafe’s, on the cold streets of Chicago, in the golden hills of Fairfax, California – where she currently calls home. Pedal steel, Hammond B3 organ, mandolin, acoustic guitar, live drums and haunting folk vocal melodies combine to create music that feels like a nostalgic, distant memory. Her musical influences include Alison Krauss and Union Station, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Jo Dee Mesina and Nickel Creek.

Art Napoleon



An upbeat country-americana treat by Canadian Art Napoleon about dysfunctional fatal attraction in rural Canada; an addictive small-town love affair that leads to regrets and realizations later in life. 

Press Notes:

Who can take an ancient tribal rhythm and haunting, vibrato-laced chants and blend it all seamlessly with bluesy folk rock? Who can take this spirit-infused music and deliver it with a passion that is part ceremonial and part rock & roll gusto? Art Napoleon can. It’s Napoleon’s ability to bridge worlds that sets him apart from other artists. He is a disarming educator, humorist and bridge builder. Not only does he write and sing about the land, social justice, and everyday life observations but half of his songs are in the ancient Canadian tribal language of Nehiyawiwin (aka Cree). The ease with which he slides between modern singer/songwriter to traditional Cree rhythms is a marvel to behold.

From insightful and clever Americana to roaring country rock, the range of Napoleon’s soundscape is astonishing. Radio personality, Sir Owen Gee from Portugal Kiss FM claims Art’s music as so haunting it left an impression on his soul! Doug Cox of the Vancouver Island Music Festival calls him Canada’s hidden national treasure. Longevity John Faulkner of the Duncan Showroom describes Art as part storyteller, part comic, part activist and a whole lot of dry, sarcastic wit. The beauty of seeing him live is you never know what you are going to get.

Brendan Falsetto

‘County Year’

[folk/indie rock]

A beautiful blend of folk and indie rock by Brendan Falsetto with warm vocals and ultra catchy too!

Press Notes:

A little hopeful, a little bitter, Brendan Falsetto is a homespun St. Louis native with delusions of optimism and a sneaking sense of insignificance. While firmly rooted in the rock tradition, his music blends folk elements with jazz language and unadorned prose with opaque imagery. You want something a little less abstract? Okay, think Radiohead meets Elliott Smith but with a little less bitching and more distortion. If that’s too tough to imagine, you can just call it folk rock with a psychedelic twist. Each song takes years to live and only a little shorter to write, being finely crafted, chock full of meaning and, more importantly, truth. Brendan Falsetto is not likely to go down as anyone’s hero, but it can at least be said that he is one of the finest purveyors of “end times music” and that his melodies will be hopelessly stuck in your head and they might just bring a modicum of comfort as we all crumble under the weight of our importance.

Aaron Wylder


[indie folk/americana]

Woozy vocals, heartfelt melody and Aaaron Wylder’s ‘Arrows’ is a spotless indie folk gem that will make you sing-along for days!

Press Notes:

Raised on the likes of Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones and the Beatles, Aaron Wylder writes and plays an eclectic blend of rock n roll, folk and blues music. Inspired by the desert and old westerns movies. Motivated by the prospect of creating resonating songs, he spends most of his time with a guitar in hand. 
 “I try to write what I hear in my head and what I feel in my chest. Its a damn cool thing to write a song that not only you love ,but speaks to others as well. If I’m able to make music that I enjoy and people enjoy it too then I’ll die a happy man.” – Aaron


‘Here I Am’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

South of France-based duo, Willo, recently gifted us with its latest single ‘Here I Am’, a treasure full of dazzling vocal harmonies, gentle melodies and great, rich-textured sound. According to Willo this is “a metaphorical journey through time based on how women can mark every important step in a man’s life”.

Press Notes:

WILLO is a singing-songwriting duo based in South of France, delivering a fresh and soulful kind of folk music. Cécile & Olivier’s music has quite a unique way of rising emotions throughout profound vocal performances with expressive yet delicate guitar tones. Rich of their worldly travels, the duo explores influences from overseas to imbue modern soul with more traditional elements.

Matt Saxton


[indie folk/pop-rock]

Matt Saxton gtes deeply personal with his first single from his upcoming album, a strong piano ballad with well-balanced vocals for all those hearts who get the Winter Blues/SAD syndrome… The ideal sedative!

Press Notes:

Rock/folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Saxton lives in East Sussex, UK.

In 2015 Google featured Matt’s acoustic guitar song “Seabird” on their homepage bringing him fans and downloads from across the world.

In 2016 Matt released the single “Greeneland” about the author Graham Greene on The Animal Farm record label.

February 2018 – Matt released the album “I Wasn’t Looking For Love”.

Produced and recorded by Ville and Matt Leppanen at their London studio.

“Musically it sits in that classic singer songwriter canon, wandering between English folk, mid-Atlantic acoustic pop and American roots influences, it even tips a natty fedora in Neil Young’s direction, which is always going to get my vote. I Wasn’t looking For Love balances the often overdone “guy with a guitar” vibe with some wonderful instrumentation and musical motifs, enough sonic detail and wonderful design to keep things interesting but enough space that the songs are framed perfectly.

Matt Saxton is certainly an artist to keep an eye on, not just for the clever references and pseudo academia that beats at its heart. At a time when music is struggling to rise above a certain lowest common denominator, it is nice to find someone who thinks about outside the box.” Dave Franklin Dancing About Architecture

The Patch


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Austrian singer-songwriter sings “about forgetting who you actually are and getting off your path, hence “Sailin’ on a frozen lake”, in his recently released transcendent, indie folk ear-candy… 

Press Notes:

The Patch is a Singer-Songwriter based in Leoben, Austria. Home made recordings and minimalistic arangements create a livingroom jam session feeling.


‘Sunday’s Tomorrow’


We just cannot get enough of the quirky, country pop sound of Audawind’s latest single, ‘Sunday’s Tomorrow’!

Press Notes:

Based on the North Fork of Long Island, Audawind is a modern country band of teen siblings: Shelby, Ben, and Sam Dufton. With a unique sound that combines country, rock, and pop elements, Audawind’s music is something that fans of all genres can enjoy. The trio has been playing together since elementary school and over the last year they have released six songs onto Apple Music and Spotify. The Dufton siblings write, record, and produce original music. The trio was founded on the desire to spread positivity through good music, a love for creating, and the drive to perform. The Dufton siblings are a musical family with a mission to leave the world a happier place than when they found it by means of great music.

Paul Bäcklin


[indie folk/acoustic]

A stunning indie folk treat with both addictive acoustic and electric parts by Swedish Paul Bäcklin, which according to its creator “is supposed to work as support for men in seemingly unfixable situations”, and is inspired by Blake Mills among others!

Press Notes:

Paul Bäcklin is an Indie / Alternative Rock artist born in Sweden that has been playing music for about 20 years. He is known as the front person of Sony / GAIN-signed Stoner Rock / Americana band The Diamond Man Clan that released their latest full length album in 2017, the year before Paul’s father died, and Paul began studying a bachelor in what used to be an impossible-to-get-in-to programme called “Individual Performance” Now, with a completely new level of artistic maturity, Paul as reemerged with an incredible and interesting solo album in his hands.

Photo Credits: Hay Bales

[All Press Notes provided by the artists]

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis