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***guêmicas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ boʒha=72 (Muisca numerical system)***

Jacques Labouchere

‘Lost Goals’

[americana/indie rock]

Press Notes:

Unquestionably a pioneer of true Americana in Scandinavia, Jacques Labouchere’s an American-Swede, based in Gothenburg, whose diy work ethic combined with an impressive body of several hundred live international performances over 16 years, and release of 3 albums (and soon the release of his 4th album “Connecting Flights” in 2021), set him apart from his indie contemporaries.

Since 2016 began, Jacques has already toured Germany 4 times as well as touring in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland, and UK. He continues to extensively tour, write and record as he prepares to release his 4th album in spring 2020. Jacques Labouchere has opened for acts such as: Arlo Guthrie, Jose Gonzalez, Joel Sarakula, Quilt, Withred Hand and more!

Lone Deer Laredo

‘Fever Fever’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Lone Deer Laredo is all about loveland ballads, songs of the solitude, melodies from the dark magic forests, light cotton fields, and the enchanting charm of the highways. Once wounded days of the lonely ones, powerful stories of conquests and the endless curiosity of the adventurers all come together in the songs.

Lone Deer Laredo has played their visually acclaimed boutique gigs at several venues in Finland, Japan, Europe and New York. Their universe has been compared to a moment where “David Lynch, Aki Kaurismäki and Björk meets. It ́s a summer night union of Nancy Sinatra and Gram Parsons”.

Lone Deer Laredo performed three special shows at SxSW 2018 festival in Austin, USA.

They recorded their two first Albums, vol.1 and Vol. 2 (out of series of 7) In Nashville, Tennessee in December 2018 and February 2020 with legendary producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Dolly Parton etc.).

Lone Deer Laredo worked on their first albums with musicians like Chris Carmichael (Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift) and Jim Hoke (Emmylou Harris, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, The Beach Boys, Joan Baez).

The albums were released by Ivana Helsinki Records in March 2019 and December 2020.

Beev Rations

‘The King Goes On Balls’

[folk rock/alternative]

Press Notes:

Beev Rations is an indie band of bedroom pop-rock, which music, always alternative, is deeply influenced by the root-styles of Rock, flourishing from the heart with full flavour in those juicy little pearls of songs, expresions of an own musical language.

Beev Rations is the natural expresion of his creator’s musical project, Alan James (Santander, north Spain). True musical artisan, he is songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, who also produces Beev Rations’ records.

Alan James’s music features an unique stylistic blend, very of his own. And in its rock rooted sound are distilled essences of blues, folk, C&W, R&B (Doo wop), Mersey sound, California sound, country rock, folk rock, americana, jangle pop, psychedelic and progressive rock. However, BR music doesn’t depend only on the art and idiosyncrasy of his creator. As an indie musician and one-man-band, Alan James points out:

Stefan Olovsson

‘I’m In Too Deep’


Press Notes:

Stefan Olovsson is a singer-songwriter with his roots in old-school country and folk music. With influences from the 60s folk and country-scene Stefan creates music that is in constant motion. He is heavily influenced by the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, but also more modern songwriters such as Andrew Combs and Mandolin Orange which makes Stefan’s music move through space and time.

Stefan’s interest in music has been with him since his childhood but it was not until he was older that he started making music of his own. The songwriting journey started after a visit to Denmark street in London where he bought himself his first guitar in one of the many guitar shops located on that iconic street. He left that street with a guitar, a new found inspiration and highly motivated to learn his first song on that very guitar.

Most of his songs come from within himself and his life experiences. The writing process is a kind of self-therapy for him; if it reaches people and affects them in any way – then that is just a bonus reward. There is a sadness and melancholy in his music which the artist describes as a feeling that he carries with him and is often reflected in his songs.

Stefan’s objective with his music is that it will continue to work as a way to vent his thoughts and also be there as a support for both himself and his listeners. 7 Years ago Stefan started writing songs and now with 2 notebooks full of songs in his arsenal there is a lot more to look forward to.

Morning Crush

‘Australian Sun’

[indie folk/country/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Tim Ostrowsky-Thomas began busking on highstreets at 14 and sneaking into open mics under-age. A songwriter with a conscience unafraid to speak his mind, throughout his career-to-date he has used his music to speak-out about toxic masculinity, mental health issues and social unrest. Commitment to the cause, in 2015 he busked for 24 hours straight to raise money for Syria relief, and in 2017 for the mental health charity CALM.

Although Ostrowsky-Thomas only adopted the moniker Morning Crush in 2020, he had already received BBC Radio 6 airplay and had been featured on Channel 4 news as a solo artist. Developing a small but dedicated fanbase over the years, Ostrowsky-Thomas has also toured and shared stages with the likes of: Billy Ocean, Frank Turner, Art Brut, Tom Grennan, Grace Petrie, and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

With its impactful sound and profound honesty, Morning Crush’s latest studio effort “Empty Words” is a singalong folk/rock inspired piece of social commentary on how the UK have been let down time and time again by the current government.

Carrie Biell

‘Come By’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Seattle singer-songwriter Carrie Biell has been moving audiences for decades with her gentle, graceful hooks and concrete, heartfelt lyrics. As a twin and daughter of Deaf parents, her upbringing was anything but ordinary. Carrie came out as a teenager, and after connecting with other Queer artists, music became the outlet that found her a home in Seattle’s expansive indie rock scene. At 20 years old, her first solo release in 2001 “Symphony of Sirens” launched her music career – landing her on some of Seattle’s top stages, and frequent radio play on indie stations like KEXP, KBOO, and KCRW. 
 After releasing four full-lengths and touring the country as a solo artist, Carrie shifted her focus to motherhood with the birth of her son in 2013. By 2016, she and twin sister Cat Biell founded the queer synth rock band Moon Palace. The band has been actively releasing and performing around the country, building an adoring fanbase. 
 The Coronavirus pandemic has been a double-edged sword – as music venues shuttered and artists were isolated and prevented from performing, Carrie found inspiration in the quiet space of quarantine. She wrote and recorded demos at home, which led to the completion of her latest solo full-length, We Get Along, to be released in February 2022. For those who have followed Carrie’s career this record is long anticipated, and this Seattle darling is looking forward to connecting with old and new listeners from around the world.

Gemma Laurence


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Gemma Laurence is an indie folk singer/songwriter from the coast of Maine. Half British and half American, Laurence’s time on both sides of the Atlantic has influenced her unique sound: a fusion of foot-stomping Americana with a hint of English folk. Blending bluegrass banjo riffs and cello melodies, Laurence’s timeless tracks call her listeners home to the people and places left behind for new beginnings. Laurence’s debut album, Crooked Heart, was released in 2019, and her second full-length album is due to release Fall 2021.

Shake the Dust

‘Shake the Dust’


Press Notes:

Shake the Dust is a quartet based in Charlotte, NC, where Lomac moved when he was 17 (after spending his teen years in Germany). While the band’s music is rooted in the FM country-rock sound of the 1970s, Lomac has always drawn on a broad range of influences: he learned to play guitar from a John Denver songbook, but his first album was by Jimi Hendrix. He says, “The eclecticism is what’s interesting to me. We play traditional instruments, but we’re not recording them traditionally.”

Nora Brown

‘Liza Jane’ (Feat. Blind Boy Paxton)


Press Notes:

Nora Brown, at 15 years of age, plays with beauty and depth in the performances captured on her new album, Sidetrack My Engine. Recorded in mono, live to tape in a large 19th century vaulted stone cellar, below the streets of Brooklyn, the album combines the raw and immediate quality of a folkloric field recording with the audio fidelity of a studio album.

The songs, and instrumentals on this record draw the listener in: They are poignant and transformative, challenging listeners to allow this old and “outsider” music into their present day life, alongside the music on the radio, TV and front pages of the internet. Nora is joined on several songs by Jackson Lynch and Jerron “Blindboy” Paxton, hailed by the New York Times as “easily the most talented young acoustic bluesman to come along in many, many years.

These songs were learned by Nora through the continued tradition of visiting elder musicians in her community, from old records and from field recordings in archival collections.

The Little Lord Street Band

‘High Beams’

[country rock/americana]

Press Notes:

The Little Lord Street Band continues to surprise us. Entering their eighth year, the band have put their runs on the board – but hey who’s counting. “Legends amongst the WA music circuit with their unique blend of indie-laden country has seen them cement a sound that works for both traditional country audiences and something more forward-thinking and alternative. As a result, they’re amongst WA’s most formidable bands”. “They’ve long been somewhat of a cult favourite within Perth’s live music sphere – regulars on line-ups, whether it is festivals, headline shows or support slots – and their recorded work has always matched that” to quote Hayden Davies (Pilerats).

Crowned Best Country Act three years straight at the West Australian Music Industry awards on the strength of their dynamic live show, the band have three released acclaimed EP’s and a debut album, of which on it includes their WAM Song of the Year Award (Country) ‘Maybe I’m Just In Love’. TLLSB released their debut album ‘ A Minute of Another Day’ to a sold out Rosemount Hotel in Perth, landing in the ‘The AU Review’ Top 40 albums in 2020. They’ve toured as hard as any band can – playing hundreds of stages, equally comfortable and ever charming either set up in the corner of a country pub or playing touring support – including highlights Gomez (UK), Justin Townes Earle (USA), The Whitlam’s (NSW) Fanny Lumsden (NSW), Ruby Boots (USA via WA) and Daniel Champagne (NSW).

Photo Credits: Gemma Evans

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis