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***guêmicas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ ata=71 (Muisca numerical system)***

Morjane Ténéré



Press Notes:

Morjane Ténéré is a solo singer, guitarist and songwriter inspired by folk and blues music. In Tamasheq,“Ténéré” means “desert”. This name shows her love for nature and her roots.

Linda Draper



Press Notes:

While growing up in a musical household (her father is a classical guitar virtuoso who studied with Andres Segovia), Linda Draper listened to everything from Bach to “Bop” from an early age before moving on to writing her own songs and playing guitar.

Since 2001, Draper has released numerous albums, toured the US and UK, and opened for acclaimed musicians such as Teddy Thompson, Melissa Ferrick, Luka Bloom, and Eilen Jewell. Draper has also seen her songs licensed for commercials and television.

Patience and Lipstick,” Draper’s upcoming new album, was produced by Jeff Eyrich, mixed by Grammy®-award winning engineer, Dae Bennett, and features performers David Mansfield (Strings), Jeff Eyrich (Bass), and Doug Yowell (Drums and Percussion). It is the inaugural release on the artist’s own label South Forty Records.

Louis Inglis

‘Morning Hell’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Louis Inglis is a songwriter/songmaker/producer from Perth Australia.

He combines charming, imaginative songs with vivid sonic textures and arrangements. To date, he has released one album (2011’s “Dark Days Ahead”) plus several EPs and singles.

His latest effort “Strange Energy” is a light and unburdened meditation of relationships and burnout. Its seven songs float the listener effortlessly from beginning to end.

Louis has also served as the drummer for local Perth/Fremantle bands The Shops, Salary and Jeff’s Dead.

Shannon Clark and the Sugar

‘The Burden’


Press Notes:

Hailing from rustic Darke County, Ohio, Shannon Clark & the Sugar weave together heartfelt emotions with a distinctive flair to create a sound that can only be described as Midwest Americana Soul. This family band writes and performs their original music about a personal loss, struggles, and the human condition. Apple News raves, “The raw emotion of Shannon’s vocal delivery exposes the bittersweet beauty of his lyrics.”

Husband and wife duo, Shannon and Brittany Clark joined the Warped Tour to represent Ohio in the mid-2000s. Soon after, tragedy hit the family with the loss of their 2nd daughter. For a time the music stopped.

Imminently, Shannon & Brittany’s creative songwriting would become the healing tool that brought them together and revived the band. When their oldest daughter, Navie joined in 2019 as a vocalist/instrumentalist, they began experimenting with a new sound and Shannon Clark & the Sugar was born.

Mountain Town

‘The House Always Wins’


Press Notes:

Mountain Town is an Old Time Country music group from Park City, Utah who brings to you what they call “Acoustic Music From The American West”. Combining traditional country with bluegrass and folk, yearning pedal steels with dobros and rhinestone emblazoned suits, bandleader and songwriter Dr. Jon has been a performing artist for over 20 years.

Classically trained on piano and Flamenco guitar since the age of 6, Dr. Jon started out in high-school and University bands and worked as a session musician to help pay for dental school. Opening a dental practice earned him his “nickname” as he compiled Mountain Town from the musicians breezing in and out of the vibrant live music scene in Park City.

Mountain Town has opened for Arlo Guthrie and played with The Kingston Trio at their Scottsdale Arizona Music Festival. They’ve jammed with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young as well as Ramblin’ Jack Elliot at Sundance Festival and their tracks have enjoyed radio support from Park City’s KPCW’s “Fresh Tracks Friday”.

Mountain Town is the coming together of The Flying Burrito Brothers and Townes Van Zandt with the spirit of George Jones and the late, great Hank Williams. It’s music to cry to, music that gives you a little hope, music that lets you know you’re not alone out there. It’s Great Music For Dark Times.



[indie folk]

Press Notes:

With roots in a musical household in Halifax, Nova Scotia, SHEAL picked up piano, guitar, and violin as a child, before finding her call to songwriting at age seventeen.

She started committing more to her craft throughout her twenties, writing alongside friends and musicians on the East Coast. Following a move to Toronto in 2016, she released her debut EP and is now set to release her sophomore album, Courage Again, in January 2022.

Daniel James McFadyen

‘August, I’m Yours’


Press Notes:

Halifax based singer/songwriter Daniel James McFadyen began his musical journey by playing at small, bustling venues in and around the Annapolis Valley. After touring Nova Scotia extensively in 2019, Daniel’s music began to gain publicity and popularity. The release of his second EP “Goin Back” (featuring the popular single of the same name), landed Daniel in a position to make music his full time career. His upbeat and captivating storytelling mixed with his interactive performances has made him a crowd favourite throughout the province. In 2020, he won The Grapevine’s “Best Musician in the Annapolis Valley” award. Daniel released his debut album “August, I’m Yours” in October of 2021.

Alicia Stockman

‘These Four Walls’


Press Notes:

A song is a story. That’s what guides Alicia Stockman, a Salt Lake City based singer-songwriter. Whether she’s performing solo in an intimate house-concert, or with her band in on a main stage, the story remains central.

Alicia is not a chart-topping pop star. She is a singer and songwriter who is passionate about the power of music. She prefers to sing to people, as opposed to singing at them. Alicia does everything in her power to connect with her audience through memories, experiences, and passion. In a world where music can be “made” at the push of a button, Alicia is an advocate of bringing society back to its roots through the experience of pure, raw music.

Georgia Feroce

‘I Don’t Want To Be A Man Anymore’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

In the search for purpose and meaning, many of us look to the stars for answers about our destiny, our romantic compatibility, or even our own identity. From late 2019 and throughout 2020, Los Angeles indie-pop singer/songwriter Georgia Feroce found herself gazing toward the heavens from the confines of her home while processing the complex nature of heartbreak, loss and emotional abuse, finding comfort in the wisdom of the cosmos. And thus, Feroce’s brilliant, emotional debut LP Moon Signs began to take shape.


‘Scenes From Bellevue Park’


Press Notes:

Jacksonport is the solo imagination of singer/songwriter John Fatum, named for the small town in Door County, Wisconsin where he spent summers growing up. Wherever Jacksonport is, may you feel welcome to come sit for a spell, under big sky and knowing tree.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis