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***guêmicas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ aca=79 (Muisca numerical system)***

Pat Byrne

‘Only a Man’


An emotive vocal performance, poignant lyrics about feeling inadequate and effortless melody are Irish singer-songwriter Pat Byrne’s folk gem ‘Only a Man’ strongest assets. 

Press Notes:

An Irish singer-songwriter, Pat Byrne has come a long way since his first deal with Universal. In 2017, Byrne migrated to Austin, Texas. Immersed in the Texas music scene, Pat penned several new songs and released the “Rituals” LP in October 2018. In 2019, Pat took the U.S. by storm, with breakout performances at the 30A Festival, SWSX, Kerrville Folk Festival, and the Americana Festival. Along comes 2020 and live performance all but disappeared. Pat took full advantage and began work on his upcoming LP and launched his Wednesday livestream, now a residency at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck’s Live from Norfolk Street.

Pat recorded “Into the Light” at the Sound Emporium studio in Nashville in late 2020, set for release and tour in summer 2021—Covid-19 permitting.



[indie folk/country]

‘Redjo’ is a sweet indie folk/country treat from Morningless’ recently released album ‘Planets’, and among the finest tracks with a fine organ solo! 

Press Notes:

Back in 1998 I was almost done with High School, but I dreamed of a pop music career. I always loved music, since I was a kid, and by that time I started composing little midi tracks for fun.

I started hanging out with my cousin Marco, a well trained sax and guitar player, and so it happened that he heard some of my midi tracks. He was impressed with my composing skills, even if certainly rough at that time.

We eventually started a project called MORNINGLESS (I hated waking up in the morning, so I thought I would have liked to live a life with no mornings at all). We carried it on in various forms: at a point we were joined by Pauline, a female singer, in the years when we were studying at EJMA in Lausanne.

Then our lives went on, always in touch, but very differently.

In 19.10.2005 I met Jasmine, the lovely girl who is now my wife, and three years later we gave birth to Niccolò, our incredible son.

From that time they inspired me to go on with my little musical project, this record that is totally dedicated to them and my love for them. It took me a long time, I started recording the first songs in 2007 and ended in late 2019, but here it is!

And from then I never stopped making music! In December 2021 PLANETS, my second record, is out and I’m actually writing my third record!!!

Chucky Trading Co

‘Sweet & Sour’

[americana/indie rock]

An alluring americana song with indie rock elements, nice vocal harmonies and soothing vibes by the collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young, Chucky Trading Co, and their upcoming debut album… 

Press Notes:

Chucky Trading Co beats with the heart of Laurel Canyon, bringing timeless new folk-rock songs in a dynamic collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. The first CTC album, due December 2021, contains 15 heartfelt songs that explore love, life, and human nature. From the opening riff of Grace through the rattlesnake shake of the tambourine on Tumbleweeds, Chucky Trading Co delivers soulful arrangements, magical hooks, and images that touch your core.

Oak Hill Drifters

‘Carpe Dame’


The latest single by American outfit Oak Hill Drifters is a grandiose country gem with Western elements heavily influenced by Ennio Morricone and his classic spaghetti movie soundtracks… 

Press Notes:

Original Americana music with heavy Country gravy.

The love of early 20th century American roots music is very apparent with Oak Hill Drifters, based out of Orlando, Florida. Their music and performance echos the 1940’s – 1960’s paying homage to some of the great music pioneers of rockabilly, western swing, jump blues, country and the foundation of R&B.

The band’s current iteration was formed in 2014 and includes an all-star cast of performers including Rachel Decker, Craig Roy, George Dimitrov and Tom Pearce whose collective resumes include work with The Honeybees (Chicago), Nick Curran, Hindu Cowboys and Rocket-88 (Orlando). Rachel Decker fronts the band with a vocal prowess has drawn comparisons to the likes of Janis Martin and Patsy Cline.

In 2016, the band released its debut 11 song compilation, “Fly Off The Panhandle.” The band’s sophomore recording, “Lied To Me” was released in June 2018. Their new single, “Carpe Dame”, which was inspired by spaghetti westerns, will be released in December 2021. Other new recordings will be following shortly – stay tuned!

Dr Mann

‘Stubborn Mule’

[americana/cosmic country]

Splendid cosmic country from Sunshine Coast based artist Danny Mann’s solo project Dr Mann, is a more than promising sample from the upcoming debut EP dropping early 2022 via Heartsville Records…

Press Notes:

Dr Mann is the solo project from Sunshine Coast based artist Danny Mann. Stubborn Mule is the first single from the forthcoming EP which is to be released on the new country music label Heartsville Records in early 2022. The label was set up by session steel and guitar player Jye Perry Banks (Charlie Collins, Babitha, Kasey Chambers)

India Ramey

‘Cocktail For Christmas’

[country/rockabilly/holiday music]

Just in time for Christmas, India Ramey’s ‘Cocktail For Christmas’ is a spotless country rockabilly treasure for this festive period, to twist, shout and wake up from the pandemic hibernation! Great stuff!

Press Notes:

Blasting twin barrels of Americana noire and southern-gothic songwriting, India Ramey fires on all cylinders with her national debut, Snake Handler.

Pentecostal churches, broken households, crooked family trees, forgotten pockets of the Deep South, and domestic violence all fill the album’s 10 songs, whose autobiographical lyrics pull from Ramey’s experience as a young girl in rural Georgia. Intensely personal and sharply written, Snake Handler shines a light on the darkness of Ramey’s past, driving out any lingering demons — or snakes, if you will — along the way.

Dylan Cox

‘A Place to Meet’

[indie folk]

The title track from Dylan Cox’s debut EP, is an intimate indie folk treasure with well balanced, emotive vocals, delicate melodies, rich sonic textures, recorded in a villa in the French countryside, genuinely capturing its ambience. Splendid stuff! 

Press Notes:

Dylan Cox, 24, is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California and who lives in Paris, France. His music blends aching lyricism and room-filling melodies into deeply personal and poetic folk-pop ballads. In March of 2021, he released his first single, Animals In The Kitchen, produced and engineered by the mega talented Abe Rounds. Produced again by Abe along with coproducer and singer-songwriter Sarah Walk, he recorded his first EP in Los Angeles, spring of 2021. Featuring musicians like Jake Sherman (keys for Nick Hakim), Alan Hampton (Andrew Bird) on double bass, and Mateo Vermot on electric guitar, “A Place to Meet” is an artfully arranged debut EP. It is an ode to the joy, loss, and possibility in being vulnerable with both strangers and those whom we love. The first single, “The Comet” comes out October 21st, 2021. 
 Since 2019, Cox has spent half of his time in residence and working at La Villa Magnan, a once-abandoned castle in the Basque Country, in the south-west of France. When not tending to farm animals and the staff duties of the bed-and-breakfast, he amassed the songs that comprised his recently released EP.

Ben McElroy

‘See More’

[drone folk/psych]

An out-of-the-box drone folk, instrumental “escapade” by Nottingham-based composer/musician, Ben McElroy, whodares to be different with added cello, pump organ drones… Unlike anything you’ve hard on this column so far! 

Press Notes:

I am a composer/musician based in Nottingham, UK but originally from the seaside town of West Kirby on The Wirral. I have been writing and recording music in various forms since my teens – teaching myself the basics of guitar and cassette based recording.Sadly my shoe box of cassettes from this time dissappeared- I’m sure they’d contain all the cliches of teenage songwriting, alongside some pretty ‘naive’ guitar playing, but it would be nice to have a document of these early days! I think part of my drive to make music nowadays is a kind of yearning to recreate these lost gems- even including the odd wonky mix and interesting timings.

Having explored many musical styles I gravitated towards the earthy tones of folk music and learnt how to make sounds out of fiddles, whistles and accordions. This, coupled with doing a music tech course at Clarendon College in Nottingham, led to my current musical mish mash of folky sounds fed and processed through my trusty old mac (the cassette recorder chewed up its last tape sometime in the early noughties).


‘Through the Leaves’ (feat. Drum & Lace)


A dreamy folktronica and chillwave blend is the latest collaboration between modular synth and multi instrumental artist Jnatra with the LA based composer and artist Drum & Lace. Unleashing nostalgia in its every second!

Press Notes:

Residing in Los Angeles, California, Jnatra is an entrepreneur and musician that creates sonic landscapes using different mediums from vintage synthesizes, to psychedelic guitar effects, mixing different textures into song.

Steve Stout

‘Darker Days’

[indie folk/psych]

‘Darker Days’ is the closing song  off of Steve Stout’s new album ‘Dairy Made’, a psych folk ear-candy with heartfelt vocals and indelible melodies that will directly seep into your brain….

Press Notes:

Self/produced/mixed DIY Indie/Psych/Folk. ‘Dairy Made’ first full-length solo LP due late 2021 on ALLSWELL RECORDS. Also One half of ØZWALD. Lifehouse guitarist. Lost Beach collaborator. Former Blondfire guitarist. 
 ‘Dairy Made’ is a collection of songs about growing up in suburban New Jersey, and the things that have changed in life since moving to Boston–>LA–>Nashville. Somehow the suburbia crept back in, but the world feels a whole lot bigger now.

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis