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Dan Graul

‘Little Blue Planet’ (feat. Half Tongue Tribe)

[indie folk]

Waves of indie folk uplifting vibes of this compelling gem by Dan Graul with Half Tongue Tribe, that was released a while ago in celebration of Earth Day… Everybody feel happy on this “little blue planet”…

Press Notes:

Dan Graul and his wife Rebecca live in Los Angeles with their three cats and a whole host of musical instruments. The pair met teaching musical theatre to kids in West Hollywood and a fruitful creative relationship was born, as well as a deep, true love. Together they created psychedelic rock band Northern Strangers. A big highlight for the band was performing Pink Floyd’s The Wall in full and synced live to a projection of Disney’s Alice In Wonderland cartoon for a sold out crowd at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip. The band recorded two albums including Where The River Goes, produced by Antoine Arvizu (Sublime, Ryan Bingham, Free Moral Agents). They also covered almost every Pink Floyd album live within their time playing together. Dan created the Pagan performance art group Half Tongue Tribe with David Lebarron, another frequent collaborator and partner in crime. The duo have created various theatrical shows and put out a debut EP of “witch rock” tunes called All Acts Of Joy. In 2020 Dan released his first solo album Make America Love Again, a collection of psychedelic folk songs promoting peace, love and self reflection. 2021 brought a slew of single releases, the most current being Mountain Song (Ay-Yo Ay-Yo). The track celebrates the unknowable questions. Dan and Rebecca were said to have been gifted the knowledge within the song after psychedelic communion with a mountain on fire near Joshua Tree CA.

Paige Hargrove



Authentic country sound, passionate vocals and straight to the heart melodies by Paige Hargrove, for a song dealing with “the feeling of cutting ties with someone you love and become “dead to them” or a stranger to them though you once knew them so well”. Reminded us of ‘New West Motel’ -era Walkabouts! 

Press Notes:

Paige Hargrove is a singer/songwriter from the Chicago suburbs.

Taking inspiration from artists like David Ramirez, Jade Bird, and Jason Isbell, Paige has a dynamic and lyrically driven sound. She’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many, including Lily Rose, Andrea Von Kampen, and Chuck Cannon.

Her new full length album is coming out this June.

Mo Klé


[indie folk/acoustic]

Swiss singer-songwriter Mo Klé’s ‘Self-Portrait’ is an alluring, acoustic, indie folk treat with intimate vocals, with stunning lyrical content….”The love I can give is a self-portrait, painted by my hopes and by my fears”

Press Notes:

Mo Klé is the stage name of Swiss songwriter René Grünenfelder. He manages to capture the essence of his songs with just an acoustic guitar, an unmistakable voice, and acerbic lyrics in English, German or Swiss German when performing live.

Harry Eucrow

‘Viennese Waltz’

[gothic americana/indie folk]

Just impossible to resist in the haunting beauty of this gothic americana & indie folk mixture with a vocal performance somewhere in between Mark Lanegan and Nick Cave… Dark lyricism at its very best! 

Press Notes:

Harry Eucrow is a musician, poet and storyteller in the tradition of Southern Gothic and Americana. His compositions include lo-fi acoustic guitar, dark, gravelly vocals and musical inspiration ranging from the mad cabaret of Tom Waits, to the soft-spoken folk of Dave van Ronk, to the heavy industrial sound of Marilyn Manson.

His stories revolve around a certain Western mythos – a great American religion that isn’t as explicitly Christian as it is explicitly American. The image-world of mythology that grew out of the wild frontier and merged with the industrial hellscapes of late capitalism to become something entirely novel. It’s the roadside devil who offers you gifts of music in exchange for your soul. The train-hopping wise men who reside in coal cars, going endlessly back and forth from East to West, from the biting cold of the mountains to the searing heat of the desert. The image of the vast living highway, the concrete serpent who, at once, represents the image of endless unconquerable nature and humanity’s attempts to control it, bringing order and destruction to the primordial chaos that once was.

Wyatt Coulson & The Reserved Company

‘Send The Rain’


‘Send The Rain’ by the 2020 formed in Oklahoma band Wyatt Coulson & The Reserved Company, is a spotless sample of immediate song-writing with gentle melodies, well balanced vocals and gradual progression, that will reward you from its first up to its very last seconds! Pure gem… And, the rain is gonna come, to wash it all away!

Press Notes:

Wyatt Coulson & The Reserved Company are a group that formed in 2021. Based out of Oklahoma, they’ve combined all the music that they love including Folk, Americana, Country, Rock, and the Blues. While the genres shift from song to song one thing stays consistent, and that’s the focus on songwriting. The lyrics and how the song makes the listener feel is what’s most important for Wyatt Coulson & The Reserved Company.

Ea Othilde

‘Green River’

[indie folk]

Ea Othilde comes from Norway and ‘Gren River’ is among the stand-out tracks from her recently released debut EP ‘How I’d Like It to Fade’ via Koke Plate. Fascinating, fairy-like vocals, and according to Othilde the song “is about taking on too much in life because you’re afraid of missing out. As a result you end up with a little bit of everything, which feels more like nothing.“

Press Notes:

Ea Othilde has been writing songs ever since she was 11 years old, and she started working on her debut-EP when she was only 15. After spending two years exploring in the studio with producer Hans Olav Settem she is finally ready to reveal her very first songs to the world.

Ea Othilde finds inspiration in the likes of Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey and early Bon Iver. The lyrics revolve around dysfunctional relationships and ‘the fear of missing out’ in her adolescent years.

Saint Suburbia

‘Austin City Limits’


Highly energetic country-americana vibes by the Minneapolis-based band Saint Suburbia, inspired by late 80s-eraly 90s legends like The Replacements, Uncle Tupelo, and Gin Blossoms…

Press Notes:

Saint Suburbia is an indie rock band based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They bring energy to their version of Americana rock that’s inspired by The Replacements, Uncle Tupelo, The Gear Daddies, and The Gin Blossoms.

Riley Pearce

‘Keep Moving’

[indie folk]

Perth-based alt-folk artist Riley Pearce’s ‘Keep Moving’ is an anthemic, richly textured indie folk treasure, which chronicles a recent obsession, running, which the artist took up in Melbourne… 

Press Notes:

There’s an ease to the music Riley Pearce makes. That’s testament to how effortlessly he became a songwriter. Watching his Dad in cover bands inspired him to pick up the guitar. By 17, he was busking at local farmer’s markets—playing covers but sneaking in a few original folky compositions about what he saw around him or the relationships he had formed.

Not surprisingly, nature occupies a sizable piece of the artist’s musical DNA. For his latest recordings (Nettwerk Records), Riley rented a house on the southwest coast of Australia. “I wanted to let the sounds of the house and the environment filter in,” explains Riley. If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of floorboards, the house’s gravel driveway, mallets thumped on a couch, the metronomic tapping of a friend’s collar bone, the crackling of a fire, and more. Part empathetic meditation, Riley’s music possesses a depth of experience delivered through wafting melodies, thoughtfully blended found sounds, and quietly introspective lyrics.

Cloud Cukkoo

‘The Game’

[indie folk/dream pop/indie pop]

Dutch songwriter, producer, artist Cloud Cukkoo roughly needs 38 seconds for this spotless, indie folk-dream pop amalgam to take off… Super catchy, with an excellent vocal performance “dream folk”!

Press Notes:

My name is Jori, Dutch songwriter, producer, artist and part-time nut job. My songs are about crying at the club, feeling left out and the innate beauty of sorrow – a toast to heartache, a dance to depression.

Cover yourself in glitter, cry like nobody’s watching and dance yourself into the dusk.

Lexie Carroll

‘the sky looked nice today’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Gorgeous indie folk with one of Lexie Carroll’s most vulnerable vocals to date… A 17 y.o. rising star that shines in this dark year!

Press Notes:

Lexie Carroll is a London-based, 17 year-old singer-songwriter exploring the fragility of modern life. Painting vivid pictures for her audience, Lexie’s pensive vocals flourish above her acoustic guitar as she immerses you in her vulnerability. With raw, heartfelt delicacy, the subtle bittersweetness of her lyrics create an atmosphere of melancholy.

A gifted songwriter, Lexie has been placed in the Top 10 for the Song Academy Young Songwriter Competition in 2019 and 2020 and this year was shortlisted in the Top 3. In September 2021, she was awarded second place – a huge accolade amongst a group of tremendously talented young people.

Lexie released ‘Nearly Home’ at the age of 14 and achieved 86K+ streams on Spotify and received support from Lost In The Woods playlist.

In addition to her songwriting, Lexie creates all her artwork and lyric videos herself. With a strong aesthetic and endearing storytelling, they add another dimension to her creative output.

Lexie is set to release her new EP with producers Al Mobbs, Jamie Amos and Dan Swift (Aqualung, Snow Patrol, Ash, British Sea Power, Biffy Clyro, Kasabian).

[All Press Notes provided by the artists]

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis