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***guêboʒhas aſaqɣ hubchìhicâ=50 (Muisca numerical system)***

Big Dog



Press Notes:

Sydney country-shoegaze collective Big Dog chart the dreamier recesses of the psyche with sounds bathed in the warm glow of friendship and the pure pleasure of performance.

Comprising Shane Byrnes on lead guitar, vocals, and bass; Sam Kluge (ex-The Mothers Club) on rhythm guitar and bass; Mark Whittaker (ex-Hopes, Central West) on lead guitar, bass, and vocals; Netta Dor on vocals, acoustic guitar, synths, and bassoon, and drummer Simon Metcalfe, Big Dog is a testament to the unquantifiable alchemy that results from a group of friends embarking upon a shared a creative revelry.

Big Dog is a true meeting of minds—encompassing a formidable lineup of three guitarists, three songwriters, and three lead vocalists. More than the sum of its parts, Big Dog is a band of ineffably Australian resonance and authenticity.

A deeply sympathetic marriage of pedal-and-gear experimentation, the obsessive search for new tones and sounds, and earthy playing and songwriting thrills at the heart of Big Dog’s incomparable sound.

Kaysha Louvain

‘Summer Lovers’

[country/new wave]

Press Notes:

DaKaysha Louvain is a Singer/Songwriter and Musician from Wales, UK.

A passionate and soulful performer who’s inspired by the amazing storytelling of country music’s greats, her Welsh roots and her parents 80’s record collection.

Her influences include Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, Brothers Osbourne & Little Big Town. Her songs have been compared to those from Sheryl Crowe & Stevie Nicks.

Her powerful and vibrant voice brings her songs to life in electrifying and expressive live performances

Harry Eucrow

‘Nothing Will Mean Anything’

[dark country/gothic americana]

Press Notes:

Harry Eucrow is a musician, poet and storyteller in the tradition of Southern Gothic and Americana. His compositions include lo-fi acoustic guitar, dark, gravelly vocals and musical inspiration ranging from the mad cabaret of Tom Waits, to the soft-spoken folk of Dave van Ronk, to the heavy industrial sound of Marilyn Manson.

His stories revolve around a certain Western mythos – a great American religion that isn’t as explicitly Christian as it is explicitly American. The image-world of mythology that grew out of the wild frontier and merged with the industrial hellscapes of late capitalism to become something entirely novel. It’s the roadside devil who offers you gifts of music in exchange for your soul. The train-hopping wise men who reside in coal cars, going endlessly back and forth from East to West, from the biting cold of the mountains to the searing heat of the desert. The image of the vast living highway, the concrete serpent who, at once, represents the image of endless unconquerable nature and humanity’s attempts to control it, bringing order and destruction to the primordial chaos that once was.


‘We Got The Go’

[indie folk/indie pop]

Press Notes:

SubLuminal is a bayarea band and new project from Stefano Corazza, former Matildapunto. (memorywaves label) and 45isdistance. All recordings have been done in the Marin forest. Looking forward to the release date of the first of 4 songs that compose the Android Youth EP – 2021.


‘Dark Horse’


Press Notes:

American singer from a small town near the Canadian border. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. My music is heavily influenced by my small town upbringing in a national forest, and my new and exciting life in Los Angeles

John PayCheck

‘Lone Stars’


Press Notes:

Son of country legend Johnny PayCheck, and the only heir to the family name, John PayCheck established a deep-rooted appreciation for the traditional country sound while growing up around the music. Born in 1976 in Nashville, Tennessee, John spent the summers of his childhood on a tour bus working in his father’s band. It was during this time that he picked up his unique perspective of life on the road and the music business. John’s love for music developed at an early age, as he learned a variety of brass and reed instruments as well as the guitar. With influences like Bob Wills, Hank Williams, George Strait and Clint Black, John’s debut album, “We All Have a Story,” is a collection of songs that blend the songwriting style of storytelling and wild escapades with the sentiment of life’s experiences. John brings his own style that is far from that of his father, but is etched with the traditional sounds of pedal steel, fiddle, acoustic and telecaster guitars. You will hear the catchy melodies of 90s country and the lonesome howl of the genre’s originators. And, if you listen closely, you might catch a hint of that PayCheck family tone, or the bending of notes, like his father before him.

Deer Fellow

‘If You Don’t Lie’

[indie folk/chamber pop]

Press Notes:

Deer Fellow is an indie folk-pop duo with a “new wave soul twist.” Based out of Austin, bandmates Matt Salois (guitar, vocals) and Alyssa Kelly (violin, vocals, piano) met at an open mic and were quick to collaborate. Fast forward to present day and coupledom, the two have built a cross-genre sound that “pulls you in right away, stirring romance and broken hearts.”

The duo’s vocal harmonies and unique guitar-violin blends have landed them features on KUTX 98.9 Radio, CBS Austin, and EASTside Magazine. Often compared to the likes of Andrew Bird and The Civil Wars, Deer Fellow’s debut EP, Words Unsaid, presents a collection of authentic songwriting and soundscapes that “surround and warm the soul.” From live showcases with Austin greats to virtual festivals alongside such artists as Grammy winner John Paul White, their style and substance have garnered attention within the indie music industry.

Fans describe their live performance as an experience that “gives that warm tingly feeling, like taking a bath with a glass of champagne.” The group currently plays all around Austin and plans to go on tour in the near future.

Karen Lee Batten

‘Drinkin’ Song’


Press Notes:

Karen Lee Batten’s first distinctive musical memory came at the age of 4, when she memorized her father’s vocals as she watched him in concert. Inspired to develop her own voice, the British Columbia native of Abbotsford sang in choirs at the elementary and high school levels, and entered vocal competitions using Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” as her reliable favourite. These experiences marked the early foundation for the passionate vocal delivery and dynamic range that would later come to define her.

As a young adult, she was bouncing between serving jobs, hosting karaoke shows, and performing intermittent gigs when an unwavering sense of purpose pushed her to devote full-time energy to music.

Empowered by clearer ambitions, Karen Lee broke through as a Top 10 finalist on Canadian Idol, giving her immediate national recognition and an exciting industry entry point. Drawn to the country genre for its close-knit community and stylistic openness towards rock and soul elements, Karen Lee’s new pursuits led to her first album Every Moment and her first music video on Canadian Country Music Television.

Karen Lee’s sophomore album, Cause a Scene, arrived in 2014 and did just that – hitting #1 in album sales and #40 on Billboard Soundscan in Canada in its first month, followed by four subsequent radio singles. She matched her album success with a commanding stage energy, which has since sent her to Rockin’ River, Merritt Mountain Festival, Gone Country, Sunfest, Williams Lake Stampede, a showcase during Canadian Country Music Week, and has made her an anthem favourite at NHL, CFL, and MLS games.

With CCMA award-winning Mitch Merrett (MDM Recordings) and Michael Pyle (Bobby Wills) producing, Karen Lee’s third record, Under the Covers in Muscle Shoals, boasted hand-picked covers from the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. In its first week in Canada, the 2018 album hit #2 on Billboard Soundscan and #4 on iTunes, later earning Karen Lee her 7th BC Country Music Association Award for Female Artist of the Year.

Hot off winning the BCCMA Fans’ Choice Award in 2020 and the success of that year’s single, “Too Strong”, Karen Lee is adding a forceful modern edge to her distinguished country soul. Her newest release – the party single “Drinkin’ Song” – continues to lay the groundwork for a new 2021 EP, produced by Merrett and CCMA Award-winning Jeff Johnson.

Karen Lee Batten’s voice remains as timeless as it is relevant – commanding an adoring spotlight wherever a song might take her.

Kyle Hensby

‘Those Were the Days’


Press Notes:

Kyle Hensby founded the band Rowdy Spurs and joined the British Columbia County Music Association (BCCMA) in 2015. They were nominated for the 2016 BCCMA Gaylord Wood Traditional Country Music Award and were the first runner up for the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver 2016 Rock The Mic Contest.

Earning an audition through booking agency Noteable Entertainment at the all famous Rooster’s Country Cabaret in 2017 the Rowdy Spurs were slotted into the rotating line up. In 2018 they were frequently hired and quickly became one of the top three bands chosen to play until the cabaret closed in early 2019.

Kyle’s debut EP was recorded with 2019 BCCMA Socan Songwriter of the Year and Top 40 producer Anthony Fiddler with Fiddler Productions. Created with 2019 BCCMA Mike Norman All Star Band winners; guitarist Ryan Stead, bassist Matt Genereux, fiddle/mandolin player Mike Sanyshyn. Along with legendary pedal steel player Travis Toy from Rascal Flatts and Taylor Allum on drums. Written by Kyle Hensby, Anthony Fiddler, alongside 2018 and 2019 CCMA Songwriter Round performers Doug Folkins and David Borys.

Jessica Pearson and the East Wind

‘Broken By You’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Jessica Pearson is a Canadian born storyteller with a voice like melting honey on a summers eve. Accompanied by Maddy O’Regan on the fiddle, they bring to life tales of the past and express the beauty and heartbreak of the world today.

Their music blends folk, roots and East Coast bluegrass to create a unique sound of their own. From a cappella tunes sung in the middle of the audience to recollections of growing up in Canada, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind will take you on a journey with their dynamic live shows and entertaining story telling.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis