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‘Known To Move’

[indie folk/acoustic]

Press Notes:

elbé is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Seamus Allen and the perfect vehicle for his indie songs that are blended with folk, traditional music and pop elements. Nora Frederich’s intuitive, groove-based drumming and Kieran Fitzgerald’s melodic and nifty bass lines gives the band their own sound and identity.

Songwriter Seamus Allen takes inspiration from real life experiences and day-to-day events he witnesses in his life. In an attempt to make these relatable and give meaning to the listener, he describes events in a metaphorical and poetic way.

Elbé released their debut EP “Contours” in May 2019. Since then the band has played gigs around Ireland and worked with local producer and engineer Christian Best (Mick Flannery, O Emperor, Paddy Dennehy, BRIARS). The first release of this collaboration was released in October 2020 and their latest single “These Moments” in December 2020. Both singles were well received and got played on BBC Introducing, FM104, RedFM and 98FM.

Crimson Calamity

‘My Best Friends’


Press Notes:

Crimson Calamity release their witty fan-favorite track, “My Best Friends,” as the new single off their upcoming untitled project. The duo, comprised of Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell, has been writing and performing together since 2014. Inspired by the music of Fleetwood Mac and the Civil Wars, they merge Americana and Folk Rock effortlessly, creating stories that speak to the masses and individual hearts all at once.

Crimson Calamity celebrates the simpler times of lighting it up and drifting away from the world on new single, “My Best Friends.” Crafted at a writing retreat before the band’s inception, it’s been a fan favorite at live performances and finally found its recorded home on their new project, produced by Gena Johnson, the first woman nominated for an ACM for Audio Engineer of the Year.

Between the effortless cello progression, performed by Brian Allen, and their campfire-style vocals, the duo reminiscence about summer nights under the stars through witty wordplay and feel-good storytelling. Simple and down to earth, the acoustic atmosphere lends itself to the story, bringing to life a feeling of nostalgia and weightlessness we could all use a little more of after the tumultuous year we’ve had.

Leah Tash

‘All You Ramblers’


Press Notes:

Leah Tash was born and raised in New York City but her sound may call to mind places long ago and far away. Leah became drawn to traditional folk and blues music at a young age, finding inspiration in artists like Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, and the Carter Family. The music that Leah writes reflects these early influences while also expressing a further passion for rock ’n’ roll, jazz and soul music. The result is her own unique brand of Americana.

Eric Schroeder

‘From Mexico’


Press Notes:

Massive change happens in stunning moments and stretched to infinity, all at once. We remember those flashpoint moments in life, but at the same time their roots and effects run deep. Eric Schroeder spent part of 2020 raising tadpoles into frogs, living in that perpetual change. “Watching them grow, lose their tails, grow limbs, go from an underwater life to one of land, really had an immense psychological impact on me,” he explains. That microcosm of life’s ceaseless change and growth is infused into The Kid, an album that treks ambitiously forward while clearly aware of its powerful roots.

Nick Bowen

‘Bad Wind’


Press Notes:

My name is Nick Bowen and I’m a singer songwriter from Webster, NY. I’m a signed artist to Exquisite Noise Records.

The Rose Petals

‘Welcome to the Big Top’

[americana/power pop]

Press Notes:

American Grenadine, the debut record from Los Angeles pop-rock band The Rose Petals, has been over a dozen years and thousands of miles in the making. The group’s songwriting duo, Peter Donovan (All the Real Girls) and Elijah Ocean (Rolling Stone named his 2018 single, “Down This Road,” one of its top 10 best country and Americana songs of the week) first met in 2008, but it wasn’t until Donovan embarked on a cross-country tour of U.S. Presidents’ graves in 2016 that The Rose Petals came to fruition. On that trip, Donovan and Ocean wrote over 20 songs, 11 of which comprise the group’s debut record, American Grenadine. Using jangly guitars, sparkly tambourines, and tantalizing harmonies, the album tells the unseen stories of 11 U.S. presidents and their wives, from Warren G. Harding’s postmortem scandals (“The Kids All Sent Their Pennies”) to Dolley Madison saving irreplaceable valuables like a copy of the Declaration of Independence and a painting of George Washington when the British came to attack the White House (“Chesapeake Leopard”). Far from a political statement, though, the songs on American Grenadine are not intended to be a celebration or an admonishment of their subjects. They’re stories about life, love, power, and death. They’re snapshots of threads in the American tapestry, as seen through the eyes of our very fallible American presidents. Ultimately, American Grenadine, through crisp layers of guitar and emotive vocal lines reminiscent of both R.E.M. and Gin Blossoms, proves that these powerful men — these seeming American gods — were just as imperfectly human as the rest of us.

Prairie Anthem

‘Jack Pine Savage’


Press Notes:

Prairie Anthem is the vision of two musical artists with a lifetime of experience and a love for putting words to music. Inspired by singer-songwriters like John Prine, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Guy Clark, they strive to write songs that tell authentic stories and share simple truths. Add the subtle interplay of two guitars supporting soaring vocal harmonies and you have a sound uniquely theirs




Press Notes:

Cork-born, Galway-raised musician PAULI released his debut single ‘Cocoon’ in June 2020 as part of his three-song Isolation Station EP, which was self-produced in Ireland during the CV19 pandemic. ‘Cocoon’ received widespread radio play in Ireland and featured on international music shows in the UK, Canada, USA, South Africa and Australia. The song has amassed 50,000 streams on Spotify and was awarded Best New Song 2020 by The Independent Wave.

With an ear for melodic, catchy music, PAULI’s influences include anything from The Frames and The Strokes to Paul Simon and Billie Eilish.

The Leeward Fits

‘All My Old Records’

[country/americana/indie rock]

Press Notes:

The Leeward Fits is a San Antonio, Texas based rock project. A self-described “living-room rocker”, The Leeward Fits’ principle songwriter, lyricists, and performer, Alex Schmidt founded a working relationship with Omaha based sound-engineer, producer, and rhythm artist, Timothy Zick. “This collaborative relationship has allowed me to develop an exciting and kinetic platform for fostering unconstrained and original music, even while at times on opposite sides of the globe”, Alex explains. “I just want to share the human experience through music with as many people as possible, and hopefully spread some happiness among like-minded people”. – The Leeward Fits.


‘Does Anyone Know’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

WILLO is a singing-songwriting duo based in South of France, delivering a fresh and soulful kind of folk music. Cécile & Olivier’s music has quite a unique way of rising emotions throughout profound vocal performances with expressive yet delicate guitar tones. Rich of their worldly travels, the duo explores influences from overseas to imbue modern soul with more traditional elements.

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis