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Deadass Dobro

‘Through the Night’


Press Notes:

The four hombres from Feldkirch (Austria) and the surrounding area present their “Americana-Sound“ classically with western guitar, swinging drums, a crying pedal steel and double bass.

They sing about love, death, and long voyages. There are self-written songs with influences of country, folk and blues in the focus of the band.

Half Cashed House Band

‘Hot Mess Magnet’


Press Notes:

A Comedy/Music legend in the making! Half Cashed House Band will not dissapoint with hijinks and antics galore. A musical masterpiece with laugh-out-loud lyrics that will certainly tickle that funnybone. Tell your friends, tell your grandma, Half Cashed House Band’s got it goin’ on!



[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Deano is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Devon. Incredibly inspired by the natural world and his life experiences, He explores the importance of family, people, all living beings and how these relationships have shaped him and his outlook on life.
Deano writes, records and produces all of his own music in his home studio.
His approach towards music making is not one of a fixed focus on a specific genre or sound.
Deano’s music production varies anywhere from soft, emotive, striped back acoustic, through to lively, rythm heavy pop, with a sprinkle of spoken word.
Effortlessly rhyming whilst dancing with vivid metaphors, the vocabulary with which Deano speaks reminds us just how Incredibly rich life is and how very blessed we are to have life.

The Armadillo Paradox

‘Your Eyes Are Like Stars’


Press Notes:

The Armadillo Paradox, the creative partnership between bluegrass aficionado Sol Chase and storyteller/former hip-hop artist Jared Huskey, are preparing to release their debut LP, Out of Gas in Oil Country, a ten-track collection of songs that gallivants between country, Americana, folk, bluegrass and alt-rock with soft lyrical styling and experimental acoustic instrumentation. Out of Gas in Oil Country, produced by acclaimed sound engineer Charles Godfrey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ruston Kelly, The Mountain Goats), is a satirical vignette of a culture blinded by its own purview.

Kris Angelis

‘Meet You In Our Dreams’


Press Notes:

Singer-songwriter, Kris Angelis, crafts a dynamic dream world on her new single, “Meet You in Our Dreams,” out February 5th, 2021. The artist builds quiet reflections and impactful emotions into every track, attracting the attention of critics worldwide with each subsequent release. Her recent EP, “THAT SIREN, HOPE,” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, was the highest independent release that week on Billboard’s Top Current Albums Chart and charted on Americana Radio. The single, “I Hope I Never Fall in Love Again,” sees consistent radio play on Sirius XM’s “Velvet” and continues to rise up the charts.

Mason Via

‘The Flood’ (feat. Mason Picks)


Press Notes:

Mason grew up going to fiddler’s conventions and music festivals around NC and VA, where he was steeped in the rich Appalachian culture that surrounds the area. Picking and singing from an early age, Mason combines soulful high lonesome singing with virtuosic instrumental prowess. Mason’s lyrics are also considered by many to be the driving force behind his music, and his vocals back up the deep emotion that his lyrics possess. Catch Mason performing solo, or with his flaming hot “new-grass” band, Hot Trail Mix.

Scott Hayley



Press Notes:

At 36, I gave up on a successful oil/gas career and came back to the music. It is my ultimate goal to create music that fills my void, then share it with the world in hopes of fulfilling the hearts of many. Over the next year, I’ll be releasing 3-4 singles, followed by a full album release at the end of 2020.

norah marie

‘Wish I Was Ur Guitar’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

norah marie is a singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. She started playing music at the age of 7, started songwriting a few years later, and will be releasing her first EP at the age of 14.

​Norah has shared the stage with recording artists Roger Waters, Rhett Miller, and decker. She also performed in the finals of the 2020 Tri-C High School Rock Off at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. A local radio personality has called her, “A young Gwen Stefani,” and the Rockin’ the Suburbs podcast has called her “immensely talented,” with an “incredible … voice and ability to write songs.”

When Norah is not writing or playing music, you’ll find her in the 9th grade at a local high school, where she is majoring in songwriting in its prestigious fine arts program.

Izzy Heltai

‘Day Plan’

[indie folk]

Press Notes:

When asked to summarize his style in three words, Izzy responded “everyday queer trash.” He has tattoos, a pierced ear, a pretty shitty mustache, and bleach blond tips. He cuffs his pants, and wears his t-shirts tucked into his light wash jeans. But he believes he leads a moral life over an aesthetic life. When asked if he would give his life for all of the art in the Met, he said no. When asked if he would give his life for other people, he said yes.

Izzy works primarily in his friend Andy Cass’s studio in Williamsburg, MA, where he recorded the entirety of his debut album Father and his new singles. Izzy plays acoustic guitar and sings on his recordings. He is joined by Garrett Salazar on drums, Andy Cass on bass, and Micah Katz-Zeiger on everything else. Izzy’s producer, Max Shakun (Parsonsfield), lovingly coins Micah as their swiss army knife, “because he plays literally everything else”. Since Father was released in September 2020, Izzy has moved from a folk sound to a blend of pop, indie, and classic rock.

He resides in a valley, in western Massachusetts, in a town called Easthampton. He lives alone, and is not in a relationship. He loves biking and most of his time is focused on work and making drum loops in his bedroom.

Jillette Johnson

‘I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere’


Press Notes:

Southern California based Singer/Songwriter Brother T LoveJones has seen it all before in the music scene and is familiar that art often imitates life’s everyday stories. On his newest track, he expresses observations at the local tavern. Effortlessly recalling classic country drinking songs, his performance is so convincing you can almost smell the smoke and whiskey.

Photo Credits: Larry Citra

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis