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***guêboʒha mhuɣcâ=44 (Muisca numerical system)***

Under The Rocks

‘This My Friend’


Press Notes:

Under the Rocks is an energetic young string band based out of British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by traditional and contemporary American bluegrass, UTR applies the modern sensibilities of its collective members to stand on the shoulders of tradition and make music that is creative, reflective, relevant and very entertaining. The band prides themselves on the energetic and dynamic nature of their live shows, which feature an eclectic mix of musical styles and stories that will make you want to dance and sing or sit and listen. Whether it is exciting instrumentals, melodic harmonies or thoughtful lyrics, Under the Rocks offers something captivating for most everyone. The group is will be releasing their second album in late winter/early spring of 2021.

Goat & Lion

‘Real-Time Time Machine’

[freak folk]

Press Notes:

An experimental folk duo with ethereal vocals, crunchy acoustic melodies and found-sound percussion, Goat & Lion is the scheme of long time misfit friends Kim Johnson and Rhodrick Magsino. The duo met in Chicago through a series of musical acquaintances, D&D games, and local sound projects including Brandy Brothers’ Shoebox Songs and Besotted Carnival Choir. Kim released her album Natural Progression under the name KJ Johnson in 2010 while Rhodrick played keyboard for electro punk band My Velouria until switching to accordion for the instrumental folk project, Surgery.

Kim & Rhodrick’s first collaboration was a promotional video for a Halloween show at The Parlor in 2013. They continued to cover their favorite songs together throughout the years on Youtube under the name Goat & Lion. Despite Kim moving to Rhode Island in 2015, they remotely wrote and recorded their first EP, Presently Absent, which included their first original song, Real-Time Time Machine, written during quarantine in 2020 which is now available on all digital platforms.

Woven Kin

‘Hold You’

[indie folk/folktronica]

Press Notes:

Based out of Co. Kerry, Ireland and New Hampshire, USA, Ash and Siobhán come together for the harmony-centered melodies of Woven Kin. Their songs are dreamscapes and journeys, tradition and new ground.

Taylor Ackerman’s Global Acid Reset

‘Stand Tall’

[americana/rock n’ roll]

Press Notes:

Electric guitar driven three piece rocking blues…




Press Notes:

Country pop singer-songwriter JESSAMYNN has released her debut single “Gold.” The talented songstress’s first single serves as a deep reflection and ode of gratitude during a year the globe was hit with incomprehensible destruction and loss. The track features the emotional and soothing vocals of JESSAMYNN and is available on all streaming services this January 15th.

Written and performed by JESSAMYNN, with production, mixing, mastering, guitars, and bass by Andrew McMillan, and drums by Matt Young, “Gold” explores travels, trials, failures, and simple joys.

“I’ve moved around the country for most of my life chasing my musical aspirations. This song was written at the very moment I processed the realization that all the fame and fortune I had been searching for just wasn’t as important as finding reasons to be grateful for surviving each day,” says JESSAMYNN. “For so many people, creatives included, finding the gold to hang onto in life is one of the best survival skills we’ve got.”

Written in a bungalow in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 lockdown with just a guitar, this is the song that started the entire JESSAMYNN project. JESSAMYNN is slated to released more singles in 2021.




Press Notes:

They met at the School of Rock and were married at the Stax Museum of Soul in Memphis. Megan has the powerhouse vocals that derive from her love of Patsy and Shane holds down the guitar and has more of the Tom Petty type vocal.

At the beginning of the shutdown, their friend Noah Levy (Golden Smog, Brian Setzer) posted on FB that he was available to record drum tracks since all touring was stopped. M&S sent him 2 tracks and then it turned into 10 songs. They enlisted the help of friends from MN, Nashville and AZ. It was a science experiment to see what would happen if they sent basic tracks to everyone with little guidance and not much of an idea of what the other musicians were adding. They dug a little bit into the 90’s Alternative sound with Tried but pepper in lots of Pedal Steel and Mandolin through the record to tie their love of Roots music in with all the different styles.

Megan and Shane are relatively new as a band, but they have been playing together in other bands for over 10 years. They have opened up for Fishbone and George Clinton Funkadelic twice, Mustard Plug, Nick Waterhouse and more. In their short time as M&S before the shutdown, they had the good fortune to open for Shawn James and Demun Jones

They were set to open up for Soul Asylum and Local H right as the shutdown happened in March. After the release of this new record, they are releasing a Holiday EP and will be in the studio working on a 2021 follow up with producer Bob Hoag (Ataris, Gin Blossoms).

Alex Southey


[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Toronto based singer-songwriter Alex Southey’s unique blend of wandering lyricism, atmospheric strings, and emotive sense of melody makes for an engrossing, contemplative listen. His third full-length album, …And the Country Stirred, set for release next month (Feb 5th), was produced by JUNO-winner and Polaris Prize-nominee John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliott BROOD) and mastered by Aaron Hutchison (Zoon, Luka Kuplowsky).

Hannah Judson


[indie folk]

Press Notes:

Indie folk-rock, singer-songwriter Hannah Judson uses loops, poetry, science and fiction to deliver her folk/rock set. Her songs are rooted in folk storytelling tradition influenced by Leonard Cohen, The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and provocative critical observation like Liz Phair and Cat Power. Hannah Judson performs regularly in Europe and the US. Born out of the Chicago indie scene where she was a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she collaborated with many musicians as the lead singer and songwriter for Sweet Bridget and Kite Club, until moving to France where she currently lives and works. She is co-founder of MUSEfest, an international festival to amplify women in music and film, and hosts The Hannah Judson Beat podcast, conversations about creativity, art and music.

Colin Southfield & The Mushroom Country Band

‘Bad Checks’ (Live Session)

[americana/blues rock]

Press Notes:

Formally established in 2020, Colin Southfield & The Mushroom Country Band seek to provide you with an authentically punchy array of original songs. You ought not search further for unmistakably American music.

Them Dirty Dimes

‘Jake-Walk Shuffle’

[country/blues/gypsy music]

Press Notes:

Born out of love for pre-war blues, swing and gypsy, Them Dirty Dimes brings you new songs with a vintage feel. As a five piece ensemble from Groningen (NL), they soon toured the country and got selected for Popronde 2020/2021. When Covid forced a modern day prohibition, they used the lockdown to record their debut album titled ‘In Gold We Trust’. The band invited talents in the world of horns, strings and woodwinds in the studio. From New Orleans Brass to Late Night Jazz: the result is an ambitious celebration of styles, songs and instruments. The lyrics range from tales about greed and corruption to stories of love, melancholy and booze. With the release in March 2021, Them Dirty Dimes are ready for the festival season everybody’s yearning for.

Photo Credits: Randall Nyhof

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis