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Bonnie & the Mere Mortals

‘309 (Live & Unplugged)’

[Southern rock/americana]

Press Notes:

Bonnie & the Mere Mortals are a Southern Gothic outfit that sound like what would happen if Dolly Parton ever met the Cure. Their signature blend of Appalachian Americana with Synthwave and Shoegaze has brought them all around the surrounding regions with a fast growing audience of everyone from cowboys to goth rockers, from Nashville to New York. Bonnie Ramone grew up on a 103 acre cattle farm on the border of the West Virginian panhandle in a town with 3 stop signs, a 2 lane bowling alley, and 1 working clown. Despite this fact, she can mostly be found dancing like a member of the Peanuts to Depeche Mode on any given Saturday. She reconciles this dichotomy in her music, and doesn’t seem to find any difference in them: infection hooks, guitar with too much reverb and tremolo, catchy bass lines, and introspective lyrics that tell a sad story… is it Hank or the Cure? Does it matter? Bonnie & the Mere Mortals equally sounds like something you’ve never heard before and something you’ve been hearing your whole life. A genre bend that draws you in, but is as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears. A project that’s pretty sure Hank done it this way, but Robert Smith was on the money as well.

No Yonder

‘Falling Skies’

[alt-country/folk rock]

Press Notes:

When Brad Gerke was about 5 years old, his Grandmother from Chatsworth, GA visited his family in Florida. At some point she asked him to get her something “from in yonder,” to which he replied “Nana, we don’t have a yonder.” Around 20 years later, it dawned on him that the music he writes is exemplified by that conversation. His roots are deeply southern and steeped in tradition, but his life has been mostly modern and suburban. So he chose the name “No Yonder” for his band. Blending the sounds of folk, rock, and emo, No Yonder puts a southern spin on indie sensibilities. Gerke calls on diverse influences to reconcile his rural and suburban experiences, creating characters and stories depicting joy, failure, and the pitfalls of being human.

John Egan

‘Say Goodbye’


Press Notes:

John Egan is a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Providence, Rhode Island. He has also spent time in Boston and Nashville. With influences that include Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Graham Parsons, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan, John’s songwriting draws from the wells of Americana, Roots-Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and Power-Pop. With his songs he spins compelling and heartfelt stories of life, love, and loss.

Joel Scarbrough

‘Maybe Sometime’

[indie folk/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Joel is a north Texas singer/songwriter, who began his music career as a touring bluegrass musician of the 70’s. After navigating southern rock, newgrass and traditional music bands he relocated to Chattanooga TN where he began working as a solo artist. His current releases from the album “Singer-Songwriter” reflect his Arkansas roots and a bit of Texas attitude. In a pool of writers and musicians, his listener base refers to him as unique in his sound.

Earl Bowman

‘We Get Along’


Press Notes:

I’m a 30 year old singer/songwriter from Louisville, Ky. My singles were recorded at LaLa Land Studios here in Louisville by producer Anne Gauthier. Anne also mixed, and played percussion on the tracks.

Sean Blake

‘Good Morning, Beautiful’


Press Notes:

I’ve been writing songs for a little over 12 years. I grew up in a very diverse city (Long Beach, CA) listening to church music with my mom, country and rock with my dad, and Folk / Americana / Bluegrass / Soul / R&B / Hip-Hop / Pop on my own.

I named the album “Thin Slices” because I like songs that are written about specific, unique moments in life – seeing the person you love in the morning and remembering what it is that you love about them, going to the wedding of a past love and being happy that they’ve found someone who can truly appreciate them, etc. The thin slices of life.

Pierre Welsh & the Oaks

‘Je laisserai ma trace’ (acoustic)

[indie folk/acoustic]

Press Notes:

Explore, research. Going on a journey, far away. Coming back with pockets full of fragments of reality soon transformed into sharp songs, the songwriter Pierre Welsh has been doing this all his life. The man is enigmatic, discreet, but he traces a straight course like the mast of a boat. The expedition of the moment is called OAKS: it’s a rock band, powerful, sovereign, but more than that, an artistic collective, where each one creates intuitively, during live sessions of great freedom, but where listening to the other marks the time and the moment. A child of rock music since the 90’s with the bands Chelsea and Melville, Welsh has crossed the decades with writing projects adopting sometimes the musicality of the English language, sometimes the sharpness of the French, only showing up on stage sporadically like at the Maroquinerie or La Boule Noire. Haunted by a certain idea of beauty, nourished by Russian authors as well as American poetry, Pierre Welsh wields the dark and the sword; he chooses to be there, intensely, and then absent the next moment, in the manner of a Salinger or a Terence Malick… Was it the need for freedom that drove the unclassifiable songwriter to found December Square, a “music house” and creative space? OAKS has already produced two studio albums and a live EP, giving rise to reviews referring to the greatest: “The best that France has produced in the genre and beyond. Between two touches of Bashung, the references are numerous and skilful”… ROLLING STONE or ”Elegance pop in the conquistador way”. Christian Eudeline.

Grimm Rose 

‘Before i ride down below’

[dark country/americana/singer-songwriter]

Press Notes:

Artist from Montréal , Québec , Canada .
Grimm Rose started in a cabin in the woods , during winter of 2021 . After a 18 years break from music ( mostly playing drums in punk bands as a kid ) , battling addiction and often taking the wrong path , sobriety made room for creativity to come back in full force . With a 70’s cinematic vibe and a slight punk aftertaste , the catchy but dark melodies flirt with folk and country music . With influences ranging from Tom Waits and Lana Del Rey to Violent Femmes .

Katelyn Ingardia



Press Notes:

Katelyn is a active touring bluegrass artist with the band Backline. She is a singer/ songwriter of bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, American and Grassican styled music. She is the owner of her publishing company through BMI, Wild Lakota Music and focuses on performing and sharing original material.

Geoff Wolf

‘The Ghosts Of Esmerelda’


Press Notes:

From my first Harmony guitar in 1964 to an array of instruments circling my songwriting space today, tunes have been showing up with me for a long time. It took a friend to “pull back the shades” (Faith Lives Next Door) and nudge me to attend a songwriting session with some Nashville songwriters in 2010. There, I finally figured out that I should have had a recorder on when songs would show up.

Darrel Scott taught me to find space that allows songs to show up. Mary Gauthier helped me to be honest with the stories, brutally honest. Allow the actuality of life and depths of soul into the songs.

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Compiled by: Christos Doukakis