It’s fast approaching this time of the year (and what a crazy year this has been!) again that most kids love -more correctly ‘should love’- and some grown-ups hate (well…). Yup, Christmas is fast approaching and all you have to do, believers or non-believers, is share some ‘safe’ hugs, some sweet(s) words, and most importantly spread the love to your dearest ones. Almost forgot, Last Day Deaf will heat you up for this special period of year with quite a few handpicked, 10-track playlists of brand new music. So, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Emily & The Ghosts of Christmas Past – ‘Ho Ho Ho-hum Christmas’

Starling – ‘Underneath the Mistletoe’

Rebecca Hurn – ‘Something About Christmas’

David Snyder – ‘Joy to the World’

Frxnco – ‘Cozy Christmas’

Emerson Brophy – ‘Alone on Christmas’

Teen Idle – ‘Another Christmas Song’

Nadia Vaeh – ‘Christmas Cards’

Misty Mtn – ‘These Lights’

JES – ‘The Christmas Song’

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Christos Doukakis